Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Wixom Family Reunion (both of them!)

When Jeron and I got engaged one of the things he was so excited for me to get to do was the Wixom Family Reunion! They did it every other year in northern California at a place called Camp Nauvoo. It is one of his fondest memories! Camp Nauvoo (from what I have heard) is similar to the Oakcrest Camp or the new Heber Valley Camp here in Utah. For those of you that still don't know what I am talking about it is a big church owned camp that had a place they could gather and eat together with plenty of room for the whole family to camp in tents or whatever. So I guess like Oakcrest or Heber Valley minus the cabins. I am sure Jeron or one of my sisters-in-law could correct me and give you a much better description. As things in families change I never did get to go to Camp Nauvoo.
They have tried a couple of different locations for the family reunion but haven't been able to find quite the right fit. Especially with the family split between Utah and California (mostly anyway)! The last one we had we went to California and helped put an addition on Jeron's aunts house as a mother-in-law type apartment for Grandma and Grandpa to live in. Grandpa was doing all of the work himself so the family decided to pitch in and give him a hand! Just what family should do. But that was 6 or 7 years ago. 2 years ago Grandpa was turning 80 and we had a big family party here in Utah. This year Grandma was turning 80 and she said she wanted a family reunion instead of a party. So family reunion it was!
Family property (through an in-law) by Delta UT was found to be the perfect fit! There was water to play in, plenty of land to camp on and best of all there were beds for Grandma & Grandpa Wixom and their kids! It was a blast and the kids had a ton of fun with cousins they know and getting to know ones they don't get to see as often.

Maycie in her reunion shirt!

Grandma & Grandpa enjoying the family!

Maycie LOVES babies!
Just so you know a baby is ANYONE smaller then Maycie!

Crafts are always a part of the Wixom Family Reunion!

And Porter took them very seriously!

Aunt Ashley and Thomas.

Grandma Sue with Emma & Claire

Maycie's schedule was a bit off with all the time we have spent away from home! She learned to get her sleep where ever and when ever she could!

Daddy had to check and make sure she was really okay!
She is just that good of a sleeper!

Even the big kids had a blast!
(Can I say how weird it is that Jaxon is one of the "big kids")
Left to right: Aunt Alicia, Aunt Becky, Drew, Hailey, Jake & Jaxon

When given the chance to go for a ride Grandma JUMPED at the chance! It was so cute! She was so excited about it Grandpa kind of had to go weather he wanted to or not!
We left for Delta on Wednesday July 7 in the evening. We got a much later start then we wanted because of football sign-ups so we ended setting our tent up in the dark! We left to come home on Friday late morning. We got home Friday and then turned around and left early Saturday morning for another family reunion! This one was another Wixom Reunion. This time for Grandpa Wixom and his siblings. So alot of people we didn't really know. But we hadn't made it last time so we drove to Burley ID for the 3rd time in about 6 weeks!

It was at some property owned by a family friend. And if you are going to covet something covet this! It is a HUGE man mad pond/lake fed by the snake river with all kinds of fun things to do!

Like a slide....

grass & shade....


an island (behind Connor)...

plenty of room for swimming...

a kiddy pool for Maycie (she wasn't interested in the big kid stuff at all!)...

(doesn't he just look too old and grown up?!)

a zip line that you can take 2 riders and drop one off into the water....

a rope to swing off into the water (that is Porter getting ready to go)...

paddle boats (that is Emma swimming all by herself out to the paddle boat!)

wave bye bye!

There was also a swing that you could swing out over the water and drop in. That was fun!

It was alot of fun and very exhausting!

Okay, I know this picture is horrible! But my hand kept shaking in the moving car! But I had to put it in anyway. If you look closely Emma fell asleep with a book wide open in front of her!
For at least a week if Maycie was in the car for more then a few minutes she would get VERY upset with us! We were all very done being in the car. The kids liked to tease me because they were all done with trips but I still had girls camp ahead of me!
We were all sick of movies by this trip so between Delta and Burley we listened to the first Fablehaven and I got hooked! I am so glad we got to go do so many things this summer. It was about all we got to do but so many wonderful memories! I am glad my kids love camping so much and that they love being with their family. I love building these memories with our extended family and some day soon we'll get out on our own! I promise!