Tuesday, November 30, 2010

So Much Blogging...So Little Time!

Things I should have blogged about and haven't:

End of July: Girls Camp!
I got to go to Girls Camp this year. Our Young Women's President was moving so we all knew a change was coming, just not what or when. So to have this time was amazing!
We had some rain - it only took me ALL day to dry out! The best part (as always) was getting to know the Young Women better. They even scared me so bad I would have wet my pants if I hadn't been coming from the bathroom! I think they are still laughing about it!
I was lucky enough to get to stay right where I was! I love these girls so much and am so grateful to get to work with them. I did have to leave early and miss testimony meeting which was hard because that is like the best part! But it was for a good reason, which leads us to...

Last weekend in July: Baptism Weekend!
Friday my sister, Megan's step son Jarom, was baptised. It was a wonderful evening! Jarom may have come into our family via marriage but he is no less a part of the family. We feel very blessed to get to be a part of his family!
On Saturday my other sister, Abby's son Corbin, was baptised in Lehi and down to almost the very same hour Jeron's sister, Becky's daughter Lizzy, was baptized in Tremonton. It was so hard for us to not go to both baptisms as a family but it was better to divide and conquer then to miss one all together. So we put the big kids names in a hat (it was decided from the beginning Maycie would go with mom) so that no one had to choose. Jaxon and Porter went with dad to Tremonton and Connor and Emma came with mom and Maycie to Lehi. I love both of these kids so much! What a wonderful problem to have, too many baptisms. And that we live close enough to be there!

End of August: Back to School!
I am a horrible mom and didn't really get any pictures this year! If you can believe it though, Jaxon is in 8th grade, Connor is in 6th and Porter is in 4th! Is is so hard to believe my boys are getting so big! Emma is going to the preschool at West Jordan High. The boys all did it and I love that Emma gets to do it too! It is hard to believe she'll be starting Kindergarten next year.

September: Skipping September right now you'll see why in later posts.

October: Eight years ago we had a lot of babies born in our family! Jeron's sister, Angie's daughter Hannah, was baptised. I was supposed to give my first baptism talk ever and ended up so late I missed it. I cried and cried! Luckily our family is so understanding and did everything they could to make me feel better! The most important part is the we didn't miss the actual baptism! We are so grateful for such a wonderful family, and that Hannah is a part of it!

November 1st: Christmas Music!
Are you kidding me? Now I know there are a lot of you out there who LOVE this and would have it start even earlier if you could. I have nothing against Christmas music. But I LOVE Thanksgiving! I love everything about Thanksgiving. The food. Turkey, mashed potatoes, pie! The family. Everyone together, enjoying each other. But most of all I love having a time set aside reminding me how much I have to be grateful for. Something I should be thinking about and remember all the time, I know. And I try! But I love the special time set aside to do so, especially right before Christmas. What a wonderful reminder of what this season is all about. The Birth of my Savior. That He came to this earth as we all did, a small, innocent, humble baby. He grew and lived a perfect life. He then provided a way for me to return to live with Him again through the Atonement. He suffered for my sins, He died for me and then was Resurrected, providing the way for us all. This I am most grateful for because it is what everything else is built on.
So, now that I have had my time on my soap box! Bring on the Christmas music and let's start a most wonderful celebration of our Saviors Birth!


I have already said that our little family worked out just about as perfect as possible. The one thing is that 4 of my 5 kids have birthdays between September 26 and November 15! Poor Connor, stuck in March between mom and dad. The boys birthdays may not be all together but that hasn't stopped them from being good friends and great brothers. Don't get me wrong. They are not perfect and have bad days. They can yell and fight with the best of them! When they were little and we were moving a lot they always had each other. We have stories about paint and frogs and so many more I can't even remember! Most of them are about getting into trouble but what else would you expect from 3 little boys. We have gone from Connor wanting to do everything Jaxon did and Porter wanting to be in the thick of everything his brothers did to them coming into their own things.

Jaxon has done football for the last 2 years and has done really well. He is thinking about Lacrosse in the spring to have options High School.

Connor did Lacrosse this last spring and loved it! It was so good for him, in so many ways. I worried when Jaxon started talking about Lacrosse. It was kind of nice for Connor to have his own thing. But Jaxon going to Connor and asking for help was good for Connor.

Porter did football this year. He has only been asking to do this since he was 4! There was no question when I saw him in his pads for the first time that he was made for this sport.

Jaxon and Porter went to Lacrosse games and learned all about this new sport. Connor went to football games and has learned more about a sport he didn't care about before his brothers played.

Jaxon turned 14 on October 30, Porter turned 10 on November 15 and Connor will be 12 on March 4. That means in March I will have a Teacher and a Deacon with Porter right on their heals. I feel the weight of teaching them. I look at the things they are up against in this world today. The moment I found out Jaxon was a boy the Stripling Warriors became more then just a scripture story. I want to be that kind of mom! I want my boys to never doubt because they know that I know. I am so grateful for them and the joy (and stress =)) they bring into my life! Jaxon, Connor and Porter know that I always love you. Thank you for ... being you!

Monday, November 29, 2010


I have to say, if someone had asked me when I got married how I thought my little family would turn out I'm not sure what I would have said. I just know I didn't expect this! When people would ask Jeron and I how many kids we wanted we would both say 3 or 4 or how ever many the Lord sent us. Jeron was thinking closer to 3, I was thinking closer to 4 and the Lord sent us 5! I cannot imagine our family without anyone of them! I also think it worked out as close to perfect as it could for us!
The girls are 3 years apart and the best of friends. Maycie turned 2 on September 26 and Emma turned 5 on October 7. We were getting ready for the big bed move (Emma from a toddler to a twin and Maycie from the crib to a toddler) so I thought it would be fun for the girls to get bedding for their birthdays! I found at Target I could get matching bedding for a toddler bed and a twin bed! Maycie was very excited and started useing everything even before the big move! But even better then that was what happened on Emma's birthday. I had Emma's bedding in my closet, not hidden very well at all, waiting for dad to get home from work for the birthday celebration to begin. Maycie spotted the bedding and got very excited. Shew knew it wasn't hers but that it was just like hers! That meant it had to be for Emma. I got to spend the rest of the afternoon keeping Maycie from bringing Emma into my bedroom to show her! The moment Emma opened it Maycie was dragging her back to their bedroom to make sure Emma realized they matched!
I looked at the 2 of them and realized how grateful I am for both of them. They both love being a princess, playing dress up and just being with each other. Maycie looks at everything Emma does and wants to be just like her. Emma is a wonderful big sister who loves teaching Maycie how to do things. All I have to do is tell Emma that Maycie is watching her and she shifts into mega helpful mode! And with Maycie all I have to do is tell her Emma does something and there is Maycie wanting to do it too! (I really hope potty training goes this way! =)) I hope and pray they are always this close.
My heart is over flowing with love and gratitude for these two amazing spirits. I want to teach them to be strong and virtuous women who love the Lord. I am truly humbled to be their mom. I love you both very much girls. Happy Birthday to you both!