Friday, January 7, 2011

Angels Among Us

I have to share a few of the blessings over the last few months. We all know that blessings come in many forms, but most often they come in the form of friends and family doing for us what the Lord knows we need. Sometimes, a lot of the time, it is even things we ourselves didn't know we needed!
I'm not quite sure how to go about a lot of these things. Because some I'm not sure who my Angel is and some I know the people would like for their service to be kept a secret. So bare with me as I go about my "Thank You's" as best I can!
I was talking with a neighbor not long after Jeron lost his job. She asked how things were going and we talked about it for a minute. And then she looked at me and said, "Well, we are praying for you!" And I knew it was true. I had felt those prayers. I sat in a presidency meeting as I listened to my friend say the closing prayer and get choked up with emotion as she prayed for our family.
I have had a friend show up at my door on numerous occasions with a drink in her hand and a smile on her face! Ready to talk or what ever else I might need. Who has bailed me out time and again and again and again!
We got a card in the mail with the address and all other writing done very carefully so as not to be able to recognize the handwriting with $200 in it.
A Bishop who told me to just accept the Sub-for-Santa another ward wanted to do for us. Which made our Christmas a little too good!
For a Gift Card from a cousin for way more money then the favor I had done was worth!
For all the prayers. For all the visits. For all the words of encouragement. For all the listening ears. For all of you who have picked me up when I have fallen I say Thank You. I know it is not much, but I want you to know I will do my best to follow your example and to be there for another when it is needed. To do as the Lord would have me do, just as you have done!

Blessings Come In Many Ways!

Some of you may already know that things have been a bit stressful at our house for the last little bit. Money has been tight and we all know the fun that causes! You add to that my Grandparents and our dog and I was starting to joke that we were caught in the worst country song ever! Well, what would that song be without a lost job.
Can you see it coming? On October 15 Jeron lost his job. The funny thing is that after that things didn't seem quite so stressful anymore. When he called me to tell me what was going on there was an immediate peace that came over me. That is not to say I have not had a few days where I feel like I am coming apart at the seams! But I knew, I knew this was going to be the best thing for us. I just kept thinking about Nephi getting the Brass Plates. Nephi telling Lamen and Lemuel that the Lord is mightier then all the earth why not mightier then Laban and his 50? (See 1Nephi Chapters 3 & 4). Well, if that's true then the Lord is mightier then Jeron's old boss! If we were not going to be okay through this and not be able to make this be for our good it would not have happened. I just have to keep reminding myself every few days!
The windows of Heaven have opened for us. 1 month to the day Jeron started another job. It is temporary but it is a pay check. There are no benefits but the kids all qualify for something through the state so they have insurance. Every time I think there is something I won't be able to handle the Lord steps in.
He is still looking so... My cousins gave him some info about a job in Texas, but we would like to exhaust options that don't have us selling our house at a HUGE loss!
We have felt the prayers of our family and friends. Thank you so much for all of your love and support. We love you all and we'll keep you posted!

Grandpa "Snowmobile" Perkins

On September 20 my Grandfather passed away. You may remember that he has been sick for a very long time. There were so many things that should have taken him. Heavenly Father had a plan for him, just as He does for each of us. And even with everything that happened to him, all the health problems he was able to fulfill his plan.

Grandpa had not been sealed to his parents. His sister is his only surviving sibling. The 2 of them were able to go and be sealed to their parents, along with their brothers who have passed away. My mom said she hadn't seen him so happy in a very long time.

I know it was a long 3 months and 3 days for Grandpa. It was the longest he and Grandma had ever been apart. And as hard as it was to loose both of them so close together I wouldn't have it any other way. They didn't even have to miss an anniversary together. It is strange to think of them gone. The holidays were hard. Years and years ago Grandma made an ornament for every member of the family for her tree. Last Christmas they gave them all to us. As we were decorating the tree this year and I pulled it out I just started to cry.

I have no doubt Grandpa had more then a little something to do with all this snow we have gotten this year! Their bishop shared one of his fondest memories of my grandparents at Grandpa's funeral. He was outside one day when Grandpa went flying by on his 4 wheeler followed right behind by Grandma! That's my grandparents, living life to the fullest, TOGETHER! We'll be thinking about you with every inch of snow we get! We love and miss you! Thank you for your wonderful example!