Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Trading Helmets!

We had our LAST appointment with the plastic surgeon today! Maycie is officially done with her helmet! Her head isn't perfect but he feels that any more changing it is going to do it will do on it's own! So we are just finishing up Maycie's busy helmet season and trading it for Jaxon's busy helmet season!Maycie's last helmet picture!

Well, kind of! She tried Jaxon's helmet on and didn't like it much!

Jaxon thought if Maycie could try his helmet on he could give hers a try!

Our kids!
We walked in the door with no helmet on and they all started Cheering!
They are such good big brothers and sister!
I have to say thank you to everyone for all your love and support! I don't think we could have done this without you! Your prayers have been felt and I have truly been uplifted by your love! Thank you 100 times over!

Tuesday, July 28, 2009


Maycie is lucky enough to have 2 cousins very close to her in age on the Collins side of the family. Baby Thomas was born in February and Baby Livy was born in April. I love pictures like this and we just haven't taken the opportunity to take one until now!

Thomas is almost as long as Maycie and Olivia is almost as round! I hope these kids realize how lucky they are to have built in friends like they do! Always a friend to play with as kids and life long friends as adults!

Emma's Imagination!

I was in the living room folding laundry and Emma brings me the camera and asks me to take a picture of her and her baby. Okay, fine! (I love that I don't have to worry about things like that with a digital camera!) I take the picture and she "lays her down for a nap" and then she is asking me to take a picture of her and Chip. For those of you who don't know Chip is her imaginary husband! No worries, they were married in the temple!I was about to argue with her when she says, "Mom I need you to take a picture of me and Chip for my blog!" At that point I lost it and HAD to take the picture! My kids are so funny! Everything is all about the blog and I love it! I hope it helps them learn what a journal is and how important it is. I love this, because I am so much better at logging on and doing a blog entry then I have ever been about doing my scrapbook pages or writing in all the kids journals. And now this way I have it all down and can go back and update things when I can!

Please excuse the hangers off to the side! Isn't this the cutest picture of Emma and Chip! He looks so handsome in his bow tie! (She is holding his hand with her right hand! Just in case you were having a hard time seeing him!)

Sunday, July 26, 2009

My Life as I Know It is OVER!

My life is over! I feel as if summer has just begun and is already quickly coming to an end. But wait, you say. We have a whole month before "summer" is over. But no! Jaxon has decided to play football this year and Emma's preschool is starting next week, so my summer is over! We thought we were going to be able to sneak one last camping trip in this weekend before all the craziness started, but no such luck! Jaxon has football camp Monday and Tuesday this week (fine not leaving until Thursday) and tryouts I thought were just Wednesday. But no they are Thursday and Friday too! Luckily we don't leave until Thursday and instead of leaving as soon as dad got home from work we will leave as soon as Jaxon is done! And we are just going to Crystal Hot Springs up by Tremonton so Jaxon and dad will be coming down for football Friday night and then head back up as soon as they are done! Is this my life for the next three months? And Porter wants to play too! I am so glad we talked him into waiting so I can ease myself into this!

And yes you read that right, Emma is starting preschool! There is a lady in our ward who does a preschool from her home and Emma is soooo... ready so we decided to put her in this year. She is going to be able to be in the same class as some of her friends from the ward! We just got our packet with beginning of the year info! She started the preschool when our school was year round and has just kept the same schedule. I can't believe we are here already! It is hard for me to believe my babies are all getting so big.

So my summer is only kind of over!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Baby Girl Holdaway!

For those of you that don't know I am the oldest of three girls and one boy. In fact on my mom's side of the family there are alot more girls then boys. Even Jeron comes from a family of mostly girls. So when I had Jaxon I was kind of surprised! And then I went on to have two more boys it was kind of like a miracle! I had all three boys before my sister Abby had any kids so it wasn't as big of a surprise when she started out with a boy and then went on to have two more! What is really funny to me is that Abby didn't have any faith in the pattern that had been set forth before her and was just sure she was having baby boy number four. At her ultra sound they had to tell her like a million times that it really was a girl! I don't think she believed it until Daryl came home with a really cute dress for the baby! She is even coming around to the idea of PINK EVERY THING!
Baby Girl Holdaway joined the family Friday July 17 at about 1:30 in the afternoon. She weighed in at 7lbs 2oz and is adorable! It took a little longer to come up with her name then it has ever taken them before but when they did they knew it was right! She is Kami Jane Holdaway!

Easton has been so excited for his baby sister to get here. From the moment they told him he was going to be a big brother he would ask Abby, "The baby coming yet?" And when Abby would say not yet he would always come back with, "Too long mommy, too long!" I'm not sure I have ever seen any of Abby's boys as excited as they were on Friday! Their bodies were not big enough to hold it and they were bouncing off the walls! It was so cute and fun to see them so excited for their baby sister to be here!

When Jeron's sister Ashley had her baby in February we were all sick and didn't want to take that to a brand new baby so we didn't get to see Thomas until he made a trip to Salt Lake. When Jeron's other sister Alicia had her baby in April I was feeling a little off and so I didn't get to hold her when we went to the hospital to see her and I didn't even remember my camera to take pictures! So when I realized Jeron was going to be as Scout Camp with my van when Abby had the baby I was a little upset! I really didn't want to have to wait to see her! I had done enough waiting and we all know patients is not one of my strong points! But my sweet sister Megan made sure I got down to American Fork.

You look wonderful Abby and she is beautiful! Oh, and good luck with the pepto explosion!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

4th of July Fun!

Over the 4th of July we went camping with Jeron's family. We had a blast and plan on doing it every year now! Camping was how we went on vacations when I was a kid and so I love it! I love going with my kids and am so excited to get to share these fun time with them and all our family!
We found this wonderful group spot that had plenty of room for all of us! I can't tell you where is was. We swore not to tell so that it doesn't get busy and stolen from us!
Connor quickly found a tree and did some climbing. The only problem was that he had a green shirt on! He kept calling to me and wanted me to take a picture.

It took me a minute to find him to be able to take the picture!

See if you can find him!

Oh, there he is!

Maycie had been having some problems with her helmet right before we went. She was getting a couple of red heat rash spots on the sides of her head. I wouldn't have worried too much but that is how the problem with the back of her head started. So I thought we would just leave the helmet off during the day. Then I remembered that we couldn't leave the helmet in the car which also means we couldn't leave it in the tent. So we decided to leave it home! Fun times! We got a whole weekend (well half of Friday and most of Saturday!) without the helmet! The only problem with that is that it made me that much more ready to be done!

She had tons of fun trying on daddy's hat, frontwards...

and backwards!
She thought the sunglasses were a nice touch too!

Emma had some issues with her hair. Aunt Alicia did her hair while mommy and daddy made breakfast (it was the meal we were in charge of)! She then got her hair caught in a zipper of a tent. So mommy did her hair. Then she got her hair caught in a tent zipper again!

This is zipper hair number three! I think we got a count up to about 4 or 5! The first time she screamed and screamed! The second time she only cried "a little bit" (and when she tells you this she holds up two fingers just a little apart!). After that she would calmly stand there and wait until someone noticed and helped her out! So we call this the zipper do!

Connor and Zac doing bunny ears!

The grand kids! All 21 of them! Not all of them happy but all of them none the less! It isn't very often that we actually have all of them in one place! It was so much fun and we are very excited to make this new family tradition! We had the whole family there except Melissa and it just wasn't the same without her! Make sure to plan for next year 'cause we missed you Aunt Missa!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Fire Station Slide Show!

I couldn't get all the pictures of our fire station field trip in and so I decided to try my first slide show! Hope you enjoy!