Sunday, August 9, 2009

So Many Pictures, So Little Time!

One of the things that I wanted was some pictures of Maycie in her helmet! Emily did such a good job with them! I am so glad we are going to be able to have these to show her when she gets big! And well, we had her helmet off for family pictures so she got some beautiful pictures of her without too!

New Family Pictures!

So Jeron had some vacation days during July that he was going to move around but I asked him to go ahead and take them so we could have some family time. We didn't really DO much just be together mostly. But we did take the opportunity to have some family pictures done. Jeron's sister Becky's sister-in-law is the one who did my kids pictures a few months back. She has had a set of twins since then and I was worried she wouldn't feel up to doing our whole family. I asked Becky to feel her out and I was excited to find out she was just itching to do some pictures! So with one of our family days we headed to Ogden to meet them (Becky had to come too to help with Emily's four kids!) for the afternoon!

I have a tendency to not like pictures of myself! But I have to say that Emily did such a good job that I even like me in some of these pictures! It helps that my hubby and kids are so cute! It makes me look better!
Aren't they so cute!

Sisters are special!

Brothers are built in buds!

And together we make a family!
She took so many pictures I just don't know what to do with them all! I'm going to have to do an album of just pictures from the photo shoot! We had so much fun! It was a wonderful family day! Thank you again Emily, so much! If you would like to see more of her work go to:

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Emma's First Day of Preschool!

A lady in our neighborhood does a preschool out of her home and she is very reasonably priced. Emma being my overachiever I knew another year at home with me probably wouldn't be a good thing! My heavens she has already taught herself how to write her own name!

She almost looks scared in this picture!

There, that's better!

Emma and "teacher" (Sister Brown at church!)

Emma and her friends!
There are 16 kids in her class! Wow! Brave lady! I have a hard enough time with my 5, and I get to ship 3 of them back to school all day!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Crystal Hot Springs

This weekend we went to Crystal Hot Springs with my family. When I was a kid camping was how we took family vacations. Some of my best memories are of those camping trips. I am so glad that we have kept it going as we have all gotten married and started families of our own! I am even excited for the day that I get brave enough to take our little family on a trip of our own! But until then we have fun tagging along with our parents!

I wasn't feeling so hot this weekend and all the sun and water didn't really help so I wasn't all that great with the camera. Luckily dad was on top of it and got at least a few photos for us!

Emma had so much fun in the water and out! She definitely keeps us all laughing! What a little poser!

This was Maycie's first official helmet free weekend! Yea! It has been so nice not worrying about having to get her back into the helmet. She has gotten really good at pulling bows out and then she holds them out all proud of herself!

We are so lucky that she is such a happy baby! She really is this happy pretty much all the time!

My mom keeps telling me that without the helmet Maycie looks alot like my baby pictures. I can totally see it with this one! I will have to find a baby picture and post them together and see what you all think! I said she will show off her bows, but really she will show off anything! TaDa!

Emma kicking back with a capri sun!

Connor says camping is fun! He gives it a big thumbs up!

Making faces for the camera!

While at the pool the boys perfected the cannon ball!
Porter getting ready to make a splash!

That was a good one!

Connor is going in!

And there's the splash!

I didn't get pictures of it but we also got Emma to jump in the pool to us, and put her face in the water and blow bubbles! At one time or another all of my kids have been nervous in the water. I guess that comes from being broke and not being able to get them in the water on a regular basis, I don't know! Anyway, this was a good trip because they all seemed to be pretty comfortable in the water by the time we left. I guess we just have to find the money someplace brake down get the pass at the community center and keep them in the water really often!
Anyway, we had a really good time and are glad we made the time to get away! Jeron even did his best to make it a vacation for me! I have such a good hubby! I guess next year we just make sure we go before football starts! Thanks mom and dad for making sure we keep up this really wonderful tradition!

The First War Wound!

Okay, when I first found out I was having a boy I was completely against football and MY boys were never going to play! At least that is what I said! I had a husband who played and when we got married my little brother-in-law was playing and played all the way through high school, but that didn't mean mine had to play, right? As the boys grew we didn't push (does anyone know how hard that was for Jeron? He is such a good dad!) and then the older Porter got the more we knew HE was MADE for football! So I started preparing my self. It was coming, and some how I knew I would be okay. And then out of no place Jaxon decides he wants to play! We knew we couldn't do both this year and so Jaxon being the oldest got first dibs. Monday and Tuesday was a camp put on by the high school. Starting Wednesday was "tryouts" and the real work began!
Wednesday night he comes home with this. And THIS would be the reason I didn't want my boys to play! It happened while someone was trying to tackle him, and you know what he didn't go down! He has never said once "Can I quit?" He is at the point that he thinks he isn't going to do it next year, but I think that will change.

He is exhausted! And having to leave camp on Friday to come back down was hard. His arm hurts and his knee was really bugging him, but he kept on going!

He is even starting to look like a football player! Keep up the good work, I am proud of you Jaxon! I am even really okay with you playing, I promise!