Saturday, March 13, 2010


I just wanted to let everyone know that my sister Abby and I got into a boutique! It is called the "Oh So Sweet Spring Boutique" and is on May 1st. It is held at the Davis Conference Center in Layton. I am really excited and nervous and scared! But mostly excited! I have some flyers if you are interested. If you can come and bring the flyer with you you will be entered into a drawing!

I have also decided the best way to show my stuff is going to be a blog. So I will be putting one together! If anyone has some great advice about doing a blog for a business like this I would LOVE to hear it! With this I am collecting pictures of people wearing the hats headbands and flowers. If you have something I would love a picture! Please remember that unless you tell me otherwise I will be using any and all pictures for advertising either on the blog or in picture form at the boutique. Either way I would love to see some of the cute ways you have all come up with to wear them!

Thank you so much for all of your support with this! If you would like me to e-mail you a flyer please leave your e-mail address. I can also get you a paper flyer so just let me know what you would like!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Our MVP!

I have a couple of blog posts to do but this one has to come first! Today is Daddy's birthday! I took the kids to the store to do birthday shopping and found out that I need to take my kids to the store more often! They have forgotten how to act! THAT should be dad's birthday present! Just kidding!

We went to get a gift bag and of course they picked the biggest one there was! We got everything into one bag with 3 times more space left over! But it was the bag they wanted because dad is our

Some of the reasons he is our MVP: he works very hard for us, he likes to have fun with us, home is his favorite place to be, he does his best to be a good example, he honors his priesthood & leads our family so we can be together forever!

Thank you for being such a good dad and husband. Hope you had a wonderful day!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

A Birthday Surprise!

As Jeron was leaving for work this morning he found a birthday surprise for Connor. He called back in the house to Connor and then to me to come see our yard!

Some one from our neighborhood decided Connor needed a special secret surprise this morning. They had to have been up at the crack of dawn or before to get this done because Jeron and I were awake too late for it to have been done last night! What a wonderful way to start a birthday!

11 Years Ago...

11 Years ago today baby boy #2 joined the Collins Clan! We named him Connor Edward Collins. As I think of this day I can't help but think of the days that led up to it. We were just sure (again!) that there was no way I was going to make it to my inducement. There seemed to be so much going on that the nurse told me she would set up the inducement "just in case" but "you won't make it!" I did make it. After a trip to the hospital on a Sunday afternoon and a panic attack because I hadn't had a blessing yet. Don't worry we made my mom and dad come to the hospital so my dad could help with a blessing! They sent me home not long after giving me very mixed messages. My failing memory can't remember for sure (I even checked his journal to see if MAYBE I actually wrote about this but of course I didn't)! I think it was the Sunday before I had him so I only had to wait 3 more days!
I remember getting to the hospital and getting all ready. I had a wonderful nurse. She had a student with her and that was great because it was like I had 2 of them just for me! I remember very well her coming in to check on me one time and a few minutes later asking if she had turned up my pit while she was in there. I didn't get half way through the question before I knew that answer! She listened to me and my needs but was also there to give advice when we needed it! I also remember when it was time to push. She called out to the nurses station and had them get my doctor. And then she got me ready and had my give a good push. She then VERY calmly walked over to the door, stuck her head out and yelled, "GET THE DOCTOR IN HERE NOW!" We didn't do any more pushing until my doctor got there just a minute later and Connor was only about 5 minutes behind that! I think I pushed 4 times with him! And then there he was laying on top of my tummy looking at me! Those big eyes with the longest lashes ever! He was our smallest baby at 7lbs 8oz and our longest at 21in! Just like now, long and skinny!

I remember wondering how Jaxon was going to do with all of this. We had heard somewhere of a family making sure they got "family time" before everyone else came into see the baby. We decided this would be a good idea. It felt like it took forever for anyone to come in and see me after Jaxon was born and I had pushed for a whole 15 minutes with him. So when I started pushing we called Jeron's sister and told her it was time to bring Jaxon to the hospital. Jeron's parents live about 5 maybe 10 minutes from the hospital so we figured he would be waiting for us! Oh no! We had a hallway full of family waiting for Jaxon to get there so they could see the baby! I was very glad we did this though! Jeron carried Jaxon into the room and the moment he saw Connor he said, "My baby brother!" He wouldn't touch him until the next day but he knew that was his little brother! And from that day on that bond has been there!

Seriously, this is how Jaxon was for the first 24 hours!

After that however, all he wanted to do was hold Connor!

Our family just would not be the same without this boy! He says things to make us laugh. He says things that make us think. He says things that make mommy want to pull her hair out at times! He says things that are so sweet just when you need it that it makes you wonder how in the world anyone could be that in tune to another persons needs! It is hard for me to believe he is 11. Only 1 more year and I will have 2 boys passing the Sacrament! It is hard for me to believe I am so blessed to have you as a son, Connor! Thank you for coming to our family! We love you! Hope you have another wonderful year!