Thursday, December 17, 2009

12 Days of Christmas!

Years ago my mom started doing the 12 Days of Christmas for each of my siblings and I. It was something even as an adult I looked forward to and have enjoyed! I have also watched my mom and how much she has enjoyed doing it for us. I decided I wanted the joy of giving and so Jeron and I decided to start doing it for our kids.
When I was little my grandma always made a pair of pajamas for each of the grand kids. It was the one gift we got to open on Christmas Eve. When Jaxon was little I talked my mom into starting the same tradition for HER grand kids! I am so sneaky! The whole pajama thing was another tradition I wanted to start with our kids. I am lazy and didn't make them (maybe next year!) so we started out our 12 Days this year with PJ's for the kids!
I wrapped days 1-5 and put them under the tree. I had so much fun listening to my kids! They divided all the presents into days and then went to feeling each one to guess what it was. I had to laugh when Jaxon and Connor came in so proud of themselves that they had figured out day 4 was deodorant for them! The really funny part was they weren't bummed that it was deodorant!
So this year they are getting double days and feeling very spoiled! Grammy is doing really fun things like coloring books and crayons while mom and dad are sticking to the practical like underwear and socks, but they don't seem to care! It really is getting the true spirit of Christmas going early in our house this year. Last night Jaxon and Connor got their deodorant and Porter got chap stick and was feeling very bummed about not being big. Jaxon went and got an older almost gone deodorant and gave it to Porter so he didn't feel so left out!
Thanks, Mom, for starting this tradition and helping me to keep the Christmas spirit alive in my own home!

I love You!

Porter would live out in the snow if we let him. We even have to make him where a coat! He was out in the frigged temps one evening (he had to wait until evening because I wouldn't let him go out until homework and chores were done!) and when it was just about time to come in he brings me a heart made out of snow! Porter loves me so much that instead of our normal snowball (we have an on going snowball fight -with a broken window to prove it- that is going to last years!) he made me a snow heart! How lucky am I!

I love you too, Porter!

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

I NEED to Say Thank You!

I was just thinking that I needed to change my background to get ready for Christmas and then realized I was not taking my moment to pause and think about all the things that I have. I have, instead been thinking about all the things that I would like to have. Such as "I have a van, but I WANT a Suburban." Last night as we took the opportunity to talk with our kids about the many things that we have been blessed with I also had to humble myself and take a good hard look at ME! I have gotten so caught up in the fact that we have had a hard year financially I wasn't seeing the big picture. Such as:
I have a van!

I have a home!

I have THE most wonderful husband in the world! (Now, I know we all say this and it is because they are the most wonderful husband for US! Jeron is perfect for me and is always there ready to make me smile, even when I don't want to!)

I have Jaxon! Who, for the most part, does not complain about all the babysitting we make him do. Is a good example for his younger siblings and is growing up to be a wonderful young man!

I have Connor! I'm not sure how to put into words what Connor does for our family. I just know we would all be lost without him!

I have Porter! This boy is always keeping me on my toes! One minute he is so full of himself you could just scream and the next he so humble and ready to do anything for me I could just cry!

I have Emma! What to say, except she IS a princess and she knows it! I'm not sure how this roller coaster that is a girl is going to go I just know I wouldn't have it any other way!

I have Maycie! So many times over the last year I have been so grateful for this little miracle! I have felt robbed that things were so different with her, but I have to say I will never forget it!

I could go on and name each family member by name and tell you something about everyone of Jeron and my siblings but I don't have that kind of time (3 for me plus 3 spouses and 10 for Jeron plus 6 spouses) our parents, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, nieces, nephews. See, I could go on all night! I will just leave it at family, and all the things you have ALL taught me!

I do have to say my mom by name. After her stroke 2 years ago (is that right mom?) I realized how sacred this life is. I am grateful to still have her here to continue to teach me and my children.

I have the gospel! I know that my Heavenly Father loves me and wants me to return to Him.

I have many wonderful friends! And although I am not always the greatest friend back they still put up with me!

I have the Atonement! Something I had not thought about until just recently is that the Atonement covers so much more then just our sins and mistakes. Part of what Jesus took upon Himself was our everyday pain. So when we hurt, for whatever reason, He has felt that pain and has a true understanding of what we are going through.

I have many things. I could go on and on! I guess the short version could have been that my heart has been changed. I now have a renewed joy of this season that is upon us and can celebrate my Saviors birth with joy in my heart instead of whatever was there before!