Thursday, February 25, 2010

What Have I Done Today?

Okay, so this hasn't been just today! I wish I were that good! Anyway, I have finished my first adult hat! Actually I have now done 3! I think they are turning out really cute! Kinda late in the year for this season but I am trying to think ahead for next year! I am looking into a boutique in Layton that would be the beginning of May. I have to apply to get in. They take applications and then take about 44 vendors of their choice so they don't have all of the same thing. Knowing my stuff would be mostly going out of season by then my mom suggested trying a thinner headband that would be better for summer! I did and have been using them on my girls and I love them! As a part of the application for the boutique I have to show how I would display my work. I have a neighbor who did a board for her daughters bows and it sounded like just the thing I needed so I have done a couple of those too! And now you all know why my house is a mess! Let me know what you think!

Adult size hat!
I think I might actually wear one of these next winter! And for those of you who know me you know I HATE hats! =)

The lighter weight headband!
I put Maycie in one almost everyday now! I even want to make one for myself!
I found some pastel pink in the right crochet cotton to make these!
Is that something people would be interested in?

Board #1!
Both boards are 16X20 canvas.
On this one the ribbons run up and down the 16in side.
So it is wider...

On this board the ribbons are running up and down on the 20in side.
...and this one is taller.

(Thanks for the fabulous idea Megan Rees - neighbor who gave me the idea and all the help with the ribbons Megan Fewkes - my wonderful sister! I am so lucky!)

I should know in the next couple of weeks if I get into the boutique! I will keep you posted and in the meantime I would love some feed back! =)

Friday, February 12, 2010

New Camera!

I have said it before, I am saying it now and I am sure I will say it again next year! Tax season is the 1 time of year is pays to be broke and have 5 kids! We ALWAYS get a refund! So that is when we get some of the bigger things that we have been wanting that the money is just not in the budget for! Last year it was my washer and dryer! This year is a new camera! Our other camera has been a good camera. But it was definitely starting to show it's age. Right before Maycie was born it just quite working and wouldn't turn on. We had to borrow a camera from my mom and dad to be able to take pictures at the hospital! It did that for a few months and then just started working again. Some times the shutters don't open all the way and so the picture looks like the sides are shaded! So we started doing research and checking out cameras and options. I found out during football season that my camera couldn't zoom far enough in for me to get good shots of the boys. So that was a major feature for me! I found 2 that I liked that seemed to be almost identical except the $100 price difference! When I found out that the major difference was that 1 did HD video and 1 didn't. I decided we could save the $100 and go without HD video for now! I went outside and took a picture of my house with my new camera!

And then I zoomed in and took a picture of my house!

I think we are going to be able to make this work just fine!

Porter's Valentine Program

Every year the 3rd Grade learns a few dances and then they get to show them all at a program. They have done it at different times during the year. This year they chose to do it as a Valentine program! It was so much fun watching Porter do these dances!

I think he really enjoyed himself!

Getting ready for their turn as "lead couple"

They did alot of the dances "in the round" so everyone got a chance to see!

What a gentleman!

Very into it. Wrong foot! But very into it!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Porter Gets His Wolf!

Porter turned 9 in November and should have gotten his Wolf at that Pack Meeting. They didn't do it with Thanksgiving and such so he was supposed to get it at December's Pack Meeting. That one had to be canceled at the last minute. He was pretty bummed but what do you do?! January's Pack Meeting was upon us and we got a phone call the day before - it had to be cancelled again! They needed the building for a Funeral. Instead of making all the boys wait until February's Pack Meeting which is also the Blue and Gold they did a make-up Pack Meeting the next week! The time had finally come! Porter got his Wolf after waiting for 2 and 1/2 months!

He got his Wolf, the Gold Arrow point and 2 Silver Arrow points!
We are very proud of you Porter!

My sister has been in Scouts off and on for the last few years and made these really cool ribbons for all the families in her ward! Being the wonderful sister she is she made one for me too! Now I have a place to put all of the boys pins all the way through their Eagle! And they have something to pin the award on that neither one of us has to worry about poking or getting poked! =)

Thank You Aunt Abby!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Emma and Her Surgery!

4 years and 2 months ago we were at Primary Children's with Emma. She was just 2 months old and was running a temperature of 102. We had to watch her go through so many tests and when they had to do the spinal tap is when I finally left the room. I couldn't watch them do any more to my baby. Through that stay at Primary's we found out that Emma has what is called Urinary Track Reflux. It was something we hoped she would out grow. Every year we had to go back and retest. These tests are not enjoyable for Emma or mommy! Every year hoping that would be the year they would tell us we were done, she had out grown it! This time we had the testing with an appointment with the Urologist right after. She looked at her test results and looked at us and then said, "You guys have given it a good go. I think you should do the surgery." We had 2 choices and a decision to make. So Jeron and I went home and talked and prayed alot about what to do. Not as much about IF we should do the surgery but about if to go LESS invasive or MORE invasive! Less invasive there is no incision. More invasive there is a small incision. In the end we decided less on her left side and more on her right.

She is 4 and not excited about doing surgery. Primary Children's does a pre-surgery class and it was a little hard to find the time to go with everything else we have going on. In the end we decided to make the time and I am SO GLAD we did! If you are ever given this option TAKE IT! When we first got there for the class she was obviously feeling some stress over the whole situation. By the time we left it was gone! There was nothing that was a surprise to her! She got to see every room she would spend time in. She got to smell all the different smells of the "sleepy medicine" she had to choose from. She got to put a mask on her face so she knew what it looked and felt like. She came home with a hat, gloves and a mask! She looked ready to be a surgeon herself! Most important she got to see the doors where we would say "see you later" and we decided exactly what we would say at the doors before hand.

Of course I forgot my camera. I so wish I had a picture of her walking away to show everyone! She took the doctors hand and started to walk away. She looked back over her shoulder and waved to us with a big smile on her face! She was so grown up and did so well.

Everything has gone better then could be expected! We were at the hospital almost exactly 6 hours. We were there for more then an 1 and 1/2 before she even went into surgery. We did almost have to cancel because she started coughing AFTER we were at the hospital. After talking with everyone we decided to go ahead with the surgery. I really didn't want to go through getting her ready for surgery all over again! She was supposed to be in surgery for 2 and 1/2 hours and then was in less then 2! After she came out of surgery we were only there another 2 to 2 and 1/2 more hours!

The best part of watching her wake up was asking her questions! She would answer with the appropriate answers but in a very annoyed tone! A tone that very clearly said, "Leave me alone I am tired!" By last night she was laying on her tummy! Oh to be a child and recover so quickly!

When we first found out she had this more then 4 years ago I really just wanted her to out grow it. The thought of surgery was just more then I could take at the time. After the last 4 years and all of the medications and bladder infections, accidents and fevers, after all the worry about kidney damage and having to do that test every year we had to at least try the surgery. We do have a 5% chance this won't work. That was a chance we were willing to take. I do have to say that after the blessing she received Wednesday night I am not worried! I am glad we did it now before she got any older and even more self conscious about what the surgery would include and where it was.

Thank you all for all of your concern, love and prayers! It has definitely been felt! We love you all!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

My Stuff is on KSL!

Just for information I finally took the plunge! My mom told me that I had been dipping my toes for too long and that I just needed to plug my nose and go for it, so I did! I put my hats, headbands and flowers on KSL the other day!

If you go to the classifieds go to the heading General and then Handmade goods or click here: It is a few items down now but it has a cute picture of Emma! If you click on more info to see more about my stuff there is a contact seller box. In that box there is a Share on Face Book button. If you click on that button it will put a link on your FB page (if you have FB!). I would really appreciate anyone willing to share the link with there friends and get the word out for me! The link is awesome because it takes you right to my stuff when you click on it! Thanks for all your help and support everyone! =)