Monday, May 17, 2010

Be Strong!

This weekend we had Sake Conference. It was a wonderful weekend of meetings! Jeron had Priesthood Leadership on Saturday afternoon. I was supposed to have the girls bathed and ready for bed before he came home and we went to the Adult Session. That didn't happen so it fell to Jaxon, well the getting ready for bed part! I didn't make him bathe them! =) I felt a little stressed getting out the door but Jeron knew that would be the case so instead of coming right home he ran and got a pizza for the kids! We got to the meeting a little early so I had time to just sit in the chapel and get myself ready for the meeting to come. That is always so nice! It was a wonderful meeting. I felt uplifted as a parent and as a Young Woman Leader!
Our ward was one that was asked to attend the afternoon session. I have to admit in the past we would have gone to the morning. This time the youth from all the wards attending their session were asked to be in a Youth Choir. That meant that Jaxon needed to be in our session! And then a friend got asked to speak in our session! Well I knew I couldn't miss that (she did a wonderful job - by the way)! It was nice to have the morning and we sure used it. Jaxon needed to be there half an hour early and it was so nice out we decided to walk. I set a goal to be out of the house by 11:00 so we would actually leave by 11:15! I couldn't believe it, we walked out of our house at 11:05 and were seated in the chapel by 11:15! For the first time in my married life I sat IN the chapel for Stake Conference! It was wonderful! Even being there 45 minutes early my kids all did really well through the whole meeting. The theme for the meeting was "Putting on the Whole Armor of God" and we were asked to have a Family Home Evening on the subject before Stake Conference. Of course we didn't get that done but Jeron and I had decided we would do it after. We are having to do FHE on Sunday evening right now because of Jeron's work schedual. So to help the boys pay attention and to have a more productive FHE we made sure they each had something to take notes in. This is something we have tried before but it has never worked as well as it did this time. They were quiet, and took really good notes. It made for a wonderful FHE!
The song the Youth Choir was asked to sing is called "Be Strong" We found out not long after I was put it they would be singing it. It became the opening song for Mutual opening exercises every week and then it became the opening song in YW every week so that the kids would KNOW IT! Well, that means that I know it too! The song is amazing and I know if the Youth will listen, really listen to the words and feel the spirit that comes with them they will be keeping their Armor of the Lord strong! If you would like to hear it click here for the link! If you would just like to know more about our church and the things that we believe please click here!

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Em & M Crochet - The Blog!

For anyone who would like a better look at the things that I am doing with my crochet I have started a blog. I am also posting my things on Etsy. I think these will both be good places to show case the cute things I have been working on. To check out the blog click here. To check out my Etsy page click here.

I am looking for models for both of these and also a flip photo album to use for when people come to look at things and at boutiques. I have found both from looking at things on Etsy and my own experience that seeing things like this on real people help customers visualize! If you would be willing to be a model or allow your children to do so I am willing to pay in trade!

Thanks so much for all of your support!


Monday, May 10, 2010


I didn't do a Mothers Day post last year. I thought about it but didn't. I then felt guilty for some reason. I thought alot about this post yesterday. I thought alot about the many women in my life who have had influence on me.
My own mother of course. There were many times I thought she could read minds or tell the future or something. She always just seemed to KNOW things! She could look at me and knew if I was reading my scriptures! I think she still can she just doesn't say anything (sometimes - she'll still give me a kick in the pants when I need it!). My first response to a problem is to pray about it because that is what my mom taught me to do. She listens to the spirit and acts on the promptings she receives. Not only has this been a good example to me of how I should be it has helped me more then once! It was my second day alone with the boys after I had Porter and my mom's first day back to work. She had taken time off to help me the week before. She had Monday off but was doing alot of sewing for the High School Dance Company. Monday had gone fine of course because she was just a phone call away and could come over at anytime if I needed her. Tuesday when she was at work and didn't even have a phone in the Library is when the boys decided my "break" was over! While I was nursing Porter Jaxon and Connor got into flower or peanut butter I can't remember now! I just remember a huge mess when I was done! Mostly I remember kneeling down in my living room crying a prayer to my Father in Heaven. I needed to talk to my mom! Only a few minutes later my phone rang. To my amazement it was my mom, "I had a little break and wanted to see how your day was going." She then said all the right things to calm me down. That phone call helped me through the rest of that day and also a pretty bad postpartum depression. It helped me remember that my Father in Heaven knew me and was there to help me through what ever I will go through in my life. My mom listened to a prompting! She has always been there to do what ever her Father in Heaven needed her to do.
My mother-in-law. I wouldn't have the wonderful husband I have today without her! She raised 7 kids adopted 4 more after Jeron and I were married and had 2 kids ourselves! She too taught her children through the spirit and it shows. 7 of the 11 children are endowed, 6 of those married in the temple. She has taken me in as a daughter and for years I got to be the "favorite daughter-in-law"! Of course that was because I was the only one but hey I'll take it! Now I'm the favorite in Utah and Annie gets to be the favorite in Washington! She has always been there for Jeron and I. More then once when we were living in Sandy and Jeron was at school with the car or working late I would walk over to the house because it was my only way out of the house! I knew I was always welcome and if I timed things right I could get dinner out of the deal!
I could go into my grandmothers who have both taught me many things. Jeron's grandmothers who I have enjoyed so much getting to know. Both Grandma Collins before she passed away and Grandma Wixom even though she lives so far away now. Grandma Wixom gave me a whole box of yarn she had collected over the years and couldn't use anymore because she knew how much I was enjoying my crochet! Grandma Harrison helped me make a doll for my sister for Christmas one year and would have us each over for a day of making goodies and whatever else! Grandma Perkins (or Snowmobile!) would have us each up to Idaho for a week every summer! One of the things about those was that I also got to spend time with my Great Grandmothers. Great Grandma Perkins always had a cookie jar and AFTER a hug you got to go straight to the jar! She was an amazingly strong woman. Great Grandma Rose was also. I remember going shopping with Grandma Rose and her sister once. She also had a grand daughter with her and bought her a really cute shirt that I just loved. Grandma Rose couldn't afford to buy me one too but she knew she could make me one! After we got home from shopping she found some material she had and I went home with a new shirt and no one could tell the difference! Some of my greatest memories as a child come from those times with my grandmothers and great grandmothers.
I could continue to go on and on. Aunts, on my side and Jeron's. (Jody who started taking all of the "big" girls to the temple for our birthdays!) Sisters and sisters-in-law. I am lucky enough to have 2 sisters and 7 sisters-in-law! That is ALOT of good examples and good friends! My sisters and I would fight when we were growing up and my mom would always tell us we would be best friends later in life. And you know what, we are! At least I hope they feel the same way! Cousins. I have the best cousins in the world! (That includes you in-laws!) Friends and women in my ward, past wards and so on. Everywhere I turn I have women to look up to and learn from.
I would like to say a great big thank you to all the women in my life and all they do for me. Thank you for the help, support, prayers so on and so forth! I wish I could do more for you but I hope right now my humble prayers of gratitude for you and whatever else you may need in your life are enough!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Blogging Backlog: Boutique

Okay I think with this one we are caught up! And it is the whole reason we are behind in the first place. Saturday May 1st I had my first boutique! I will be honest, it didn't go as well as I had hoped. However, I did learn alot. I wanted to be able to be with the booth. After we got everything all set up and people started coming through I felt really in the way. The way we set up there really wasn't some place for us to be that wasn't in the way. It would have been nice to be there for those that had questions and out of the way of the people that didn't want to talk. I also should have had pictures in addition to the displays. It is important to have the displays but I think it would have helped for people to be able to see what they look like on people!

The hat and some flowers.

This is my basket full of hats!

The heavy and light headbands!

Basket of heavy headbands.

It was interesting to me how much business I did while I was cleaning up my booth. I had a lady buy a headband and 4 flowers from me! And when I told her the headbands were machine washable her eyes nearly popped out of her head! Live and learn, right?!

I am working on a flip photo album to have at things like this so if have things I have done for you and you wouldn't mind me using the pictures for something like this I would really appreciate it!

Blogging Backlog: Too Cute!

Okay, there really isn't a reason for this post except

Blogging Backlog: Dance Dance Dance!

Last winter Emma started dancing. My sister Meg teaches at Murry Community and Emma gets to be in her class.

Getting ready for tap.

1st position or "mermaid tails"

Trying to be just like Miss Megan!

What a super star!

We are so lucky to have Miss Megan as our teacher! I don't think that we are going to be able to have her for Emma and Maycie at least at the same time but we'll take whatever we can get!

Blogging Backlog: Spring Choir!

Porter did Spring Choir again this year. I still don't understand why and how he will do such a good job with this but I still can't get him to sing at church (at least in Sacrament Meeting!). He was so excited because they did Disney Music this year!

Maybe I should show him these pictures to get him to sing at church!

He even had a speaking part this year.
He took care of memorizing and everything all by himself!

Great job Porter!

Blogging Backlog: Snowmoblies!

Some of you may know about our family and snowmobiling. You may even remember a blog entry from last year when I made my kids dress up to go out and take a picture because we couldn't go last year. For those of you who may not know I will give a brief family history.
I will be honest. I don't know how long we have been doing this. I know it is something that all started with my maternal grandfather. I remember taking my "test" at 8 years old. So I have been doing this with my family as long as I can remember. My dad LOVES to go do this. He loves getting us all together and the family time. But as much as he loves that he really loves the riding too! My parents have been wanting to get their own machines for years. And this last winter as a part of every ones Christmas they found some! They needed work, and more work then they thought when they bought them! But finally they had one ready to go. We took a Saturday and went up by Strawberry River. The kids all had a blast! The boys all got to take their "tests". Jaxon didn't want to the last time so he was more then ready this time! Emma got to wear a snow suite that was Uncle Tay's when he was a kid! Maycie got to go on her first ride! She and Emma both spent most of their time in the truck with Grammy and were just fine with it!

Porter getting ready for THE TEST!

Jaxon going out on his own!

Connor finally got to take his snowboard out!
He decided he would really like a "real" one!

Papa and his new helmet!

This Christmas was all about the snowmobiles for him!

Papa taking the girls on a ride!

Are you ready girls! Papa is!

The next weekend Porter got to go with just Papa and Uncle Tay! Connor asked to be able to do the same thing next winter! Papa was more then happy to work that out for all of the boys if they want!

Blogging Backlog: Connor & Lacrosse!

For the longest time Connor has been wanting to play Lacrosse. This last fall when Jaxon got to play Football and Porter got to play Flag Football we promised Connor he would get his turn in the Spring. I have cousins who play and Connor has always looked up to all of them so much. I think this may be what started the ball rolling for him because it didn't have anything to do with mom and dad! We didn't know anything about the sport! I have a cousin who plays for the BYU Lacrosse team. He had a stick that he didn't use anymore and so he gave it to Connor. Connor was so excited I think he actually slept with it for a night or two! Another cousin was able to lend us a helmet. It is a good thing we had family to help us because even with this help (these are the 2 most expensive pieces of equipment) it cost us $100! And that is just the equipment! Sports are expensive! But it is worth it! We have already seen such an improvement in Connor in the last couple of weeks! He is more sure of himself and finally figuring out how to work his legs!

Neither West Jordan or Copper Hills had enough boys to make a team so they combined them. They practice at West Hills Middle School so that made the perfect name! Go West Hill Lacrosse!

Blogging Backlog: Emma's Hair!

Okay, so it has been WAY too long between blog posts. I have so many to catch up on it isn't even funny! I will do them in order as best I can remember! =)

About 6 weeks ago I was combing Emma's hair and noticed one side in the front to be shorter then the rest of her hair. It was such a small amount of hair that I think she had actually done the cutting a day or two before and I just hadn't noticed it. But at the same time it was enough in length that we couldn't just leave it. I called my mom in a panic! I wasn't sure if we should just cut it off or blend it in. I love having a mom who knows about these things! I got over there and we decided her hair needed a good trim anyway and so we were better off just cutting off to the length she cut it to. It wasn't really that short to me and I think it looks way cute at this length (sorry Em, you got moms hair!). It is so much easier to take care of too! The hard part was when people would see it they would tell her how cute it was. That didn't do much for teaching her a lesson about cutting her own hair! She loved it at first too. Now, however, she is missing her long hair and being able to pull it up into ponytails and such! She said as much to her friends mom (this same friend had done the same thing to her own hair about a week before Emma) the other day. She looked at Emma and said exactly what I was thinking, "Well, Emma, you shouldn't have cut your own hair then should you?!"
It is a good thing Heavenly Father makes them cute!