Monday, March 23, 2009

3...2...1...BLAST OFF!

At Maycie's 4 month Well Check our Pediatrician noticed that her head shape was A-symmetrical and that she has what is called Torticollis. She would always look to her right and tip her head to the left. This was something we had noticed and were not too surprised. Our Pediatrician recommended we go to see a Physical Therapist. So we started physical therapy once a week. The Physical Therapist wanted us to see a Plastic Surgeon. The Plastic Surgeon wanted us to do a soft form helmet. So we got in and started the process of the helmet. And when I say process I mean process!
I had to take her in for the the "pre-visit" visit. Jeron and I had to write a letter to the insurance company telling them what we had been doing to correct the problem on our own. There is nothing like writing a letter that makes you feel like you have to prove yourself as a parent to people who don't even know you or your child. They had to take all kinds of measurements and pictures. Then we had to wait for the insurance company to tell us if they would pay for it or not. When this all started at her 4 month visit my first thought was "Oh no, she is going to have to wear a helmet." When the wait for the insurance company started I had come full circle to, "Oh no, they aren't going to pay for the helmet." We did end up having to call. I should say Jeron had to call. I tried and got no where! Jeron had the helmet approved by the next day! Then we went in and had a soft cast mold done of her head. It was just as bad as it sounds! They took plaster like they use for casts and put it all over her head. She didn't even cry until the very last piece when he had to hold it in place. I told the guy that it was no wonder kids do okay with the helmets, they are nothing after doing the mold!

We went today to pick up our newest accessory! She has adjusted really well. There was a little girl in just before us that did not do well. I started to get nervous. They left without the helmet on because it was making her so upset. Maycie didn't even seem to notice it! I have been so proud of her. She has handled it all so well. The physical therapy and poking and prodding. She did hit a point when she didn't want anyone touching her head at all! But for the most part she has been taking this all in stride!

I have the cutest neighbor ever. She made a ton of bows for Maycie when she was born, and when I found out we were going to be doing the helmet I asked her if she would help me figure out a way to put bows on it! You know me! My girls gotta have there bows! Yesterday she brought me 5 bows "just to get me started!" Holly, you are the cutest! We decided she looks a little like an astronaut so she must be destined to end up in space! Aim high sweetie!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

All Dressed Up and No Where To Go!

Okay! Most of you know that our family LOVES to go snowmobiling! I have been going pretty much every winter for almost as long as I can remember. The kids have all been within there first few months of life, Connor was only a month old for his first ride! This weekend was supposed to be this years trip and Maycie's first time out. Well, as things go LIFE got in the way. We have all had a cold and this last week it made it to Maycie. After ALOT of back and forth we finally decided that it just couldn't happen this year. We were all very disapointed. Mommy cried that Maycie wouldn't get the same "first ride" as all the other kids had gotten. Jaxon did the tipical teenager "I'm not going to show I'm disapointed" routine. It didn't hit Connor until after we were supposed to BE snowmobiling. Porter said family prayer Friday morning (the day we were supposed to leave) and blessed that everyone else would be safe and have fun. Then he sat down on our bed and looked REALLY sad. See it is my (Brook's) grandparents that have the snowmobile's and they live in Burley ID. Part of the deal is that we get to go to Grandma and Grandpa Snowmobile's (Perkins) house. Porter looked at Jeron and I and said "we don't get to go to Grandma and Grandpa's and it is like the only time we get to go to there house!" And then the tears came. It was good to know that as much as they love the snowmobiling, they love everything about the trip!

Part of Connor's disapointment came from he didn't get to ride his new snowboard! He got a snowboard from Mom and Dad for his birthday "knowing" he would get to use it when we went snowmobiling. He was very bummed out! Ridding it down a grass hill just isn't the same!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Wearin' O' The Green!

Some of you may know and some of you may not that Jeron's favorite holiday is St. Patrick's day. You take his birthday in the month of March and the Ireland heritage and I think you have it! Anyway, when Old Navy came out with St. Patrick's day tee's it became a family tradition! We don't always get them at Old Navy anymore but we do try and get them.

The boys got to pick there own shirts but when mom and dad saw the girls shirts we both knew those had to be the ones!

It is funny how some family traditions start! It is funny the things that can become important to us! We had to run all over the valley to get the girls shirts this year. But what are you going to do when "those are the shirts!" It seems silly some times but I know I will be glad when I get to look back on these pictures. When it comes right down to it what do we have except each other! I will always be grateful to have such a wonderful family. Such cute kids and the joy (and sometimes other things!) they bring to me. A husband who works with me to make this family a family! Sorry kind of having a moment there! Anyway we just wanted to share a family tradition. Hope you all had a fun Green Day!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Baby Ballerina!

Jeron just helped me pull pictures off my phone and so I had to put at least one picture up! We like to start our kids as young as possible on as many things as we can 'cause hey we aren't busy enough right! But someone put the tutu on Maycie and it was just too cute so we had to take a picture! Becky, I have been going to show this picture to you since I took it! Sorry it took me so long! So now everyone gets to see how cute my Baby Ballerina is! Thank you Aunt Becky for such a fun Christmas present!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Daddy has birthdays too!

I couldn't get all of the pictures on my computer without Jeron's help and so this post is going to go without them for now. I just had to tell my wonderful husband happy birthday! There are so many things I want to be able to say and not quite sure how to say them all. I am so grateful to have someone who understands me. To have him there to hold my hand and calm me down when I am having one of my many moments! To have someone who loves being a dad more then anything else in the world! I love to watch him with the kids. Wrestling with the boys and even the girls sometimes! (Emma can't be left out of anything!) Racing Emma to bed every night. We don't know what to do when daddy is at mutual! Maycie's face just lights up when she looks over and sees her dad! Last night we had her sitting on the bed with us and she kept looking up at him, pulling on his arm doing anything to get daddy's attention! Jeron, I love you more then you know and some how it is more every day! Thank you for hanging in there with me and making this crazy life we have work! I couldn't do it without you! I hope you have a wonderful birthday!

My cute kids!

I just have to give Emily Hamson a quick plug! She is my sister-in-law Becky's sister-in-law (was that confusing enough?!) and even though she is down to her last two months in her pregnancy with twins she still did my kids pictures! All I had to do was drive to Elwood (that is up by Tremonton) and that was a small price to pay to get such cute pictures of all my kids! I am so excited about how they turned out I had to do a post! Now all I have to do is decide which ones to print! I think that may be the hardest part of all! Thank again Emily. You have no idea how grateful I am!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Connor 10?

It is hard for me to believe that my little Connor bug (he hates that name now but he will always be my Connor bug!) is 10! He was my chunk a munk baby that some how some one just stretched out! As I looked through pictures it was so hard to choose just a few. I wanted to remind everyone of all the funny things that I remembered. Like that for a year every time you told him to say cheese he would squat down! And how for what felt like forever every time he got out of the van he would have to hit his chest (to put out his Buzz Lightyear wings) and say to infinity and beyond and then jump out! And every time I thought I knew what I was doing Connor would prove to me that I didn't. I always thought that you just told kids what to wear and they did it. Not with Connor! We could really go the rounds over just what to put on in the morning. So I decided it was more important to make him wear nice clothes on Sunday and then let him wear what ever he wanted every other day of the week. And then one day when we were in Wal-mart and I looked down and Connor had on a pair of Pooh Bear snow boots (it was the middle of the summer by the way!) that were too small, shorts and a long sleeved flannel pajama top! Oh my goodness! I just had to laugh! If Connor taught me anything it was to go with the flow just a little more and enjoy life! We love you so much Connor! I just don't know what we would do without you! You light up my life and I thank you for it! We all love you very much!

You know you're old when!

Okay, I had a you know you're old when moment this month! We got our first washer and dryer over 11 years ago! We have been really lucky that in all that time nothing has happened to either one. This last summer, not long after we bought our house the washing machine started leaking water. We knew at 11 years old it probably wasn't worth fixing. While we figured out what to do I was lucky enough to have my mom's house close and a really great neighbor next door to do my laundry! A friend of Jeron's from work was able to give us a washer and we were all very grateful to have a washing machine again. Especially the boys! No more hauling laundry all over the place for big prego mommy! As nice as it was to have a washing machine again my dryer was still on it's last leg. Jeron told me that if the tax return was good enough we would look at getting a new washer and dryer! Well tax return came and I found a deal on KSL that we just couldn't pass up! I got a Bosch Nexxt 500 Plus series pair for about what the washing machine alone would normally cost! I couldn't believe them! The first day I had them I got as much laundry done as I normally got done in a whole week! The only draw back is I still have to fold it all! You should have seen how excited I was! It was a tad bit silly how excited I was over a washer and dryer! I know I am old to be that excited!

February in review!

There is a reason that you don't wait a month inbetween posts! It was just a normal month and yet so many things happened! We had basketball with Connor until the 21st and Jaxon until the 28th! The boys all had so much fun! It was very exhausting but worth every minute! It was the first time they had all played and it was amazing to watch how much they improved!