Thursday, May 28, 2009

Field Trip Fun!

Porter had a field trip last week that I couldn't go on because my cousin was going through the temple! He was very understanding but still sad. So when the note came home for the one this week he really put the pressure on! By the way these were both WALKING field trips! He tried really hard not to but I could tell he really wanted me to go. Maycie was supposed to have physical therapy today but I called and was able to work it out. After all the begging me to go I spent almost the whole field trip begging him to be with me! Tell me again, why did I go?

Porter's teacher the last couple of years has done class shirts. The kids all draw a self portrait and they get put on a T-shirt. They are supposed to wear them on field trips. This year all the teachers did them. It was great, you knew at a glance who was in which class because of the color of their shirt! I did have to take the girls with me but they both did great! There were a few tight places with the stroller but it all worked out just fine!

I am so glad we got this stroller! I absolutely love it! There is no way I could have done this without it! The girls both did wonderfully! Emma got to eat lunch with Porter and Maycie made sure that everyone knew just how cute she is! It was so much fun and Porter did stick with me on the way back - mostly!

First we went to Macey's Grocery store. They took the kids around and told them all the different things about the store. They gave the speech at the bakery that all of us mom's LOVE about all the different cakes they can make! They can even take a picture of you and put it on a cake! Good to know! Thanks!
Then we went to the West Jordan Care Center and the kids sang the songs from their program. It was a really wonderful experience for all of them. I am so glad they do this and I hope they continue to do it in years to come.

Pinewood Derby!

It is that time of year again, and can I say I am glad it is over! I am such a bad mom! But what do they think they are doing to me? On top of TWO pinewood derby cars we had Connor's County report and Jaxon's Country report! AHHH! Talk about OVERLOAD! I am a bad mom, I know it! But I do have to say it was fun!
Right before we left to go over to the church we had wheel problems with Connor's car and weren't sure we were going to even be able to race it! Talk about STRESSED OUT! But Connor said a prayer and I have to say it wasn't 5 seconds later Daddy had it worked out! Heavenly Father even cares about Pinewood derby cars! This was Porter's first Pinewood Derby. He had so much fun! Neither car was even close to the fastest. In fact Connor's came in dead last every heat. But he didn't care! It was racing and crossed the finish line!

All the boys had a blast. There were some parents who got a little heated over placing, but none of the boys seem to care one bit! It made me so glad I was not in charge this year! I had horrid flash backs of right before we moved and Jeron and I as Cub Masters got to be in charge of the Pinewood Derby!

Connor's second Pinewood Derby and Porter's first! It is so much fun to get to do it with your brother!

This is Porter's car! His "Mustang"
This is Connor's car! Also a "Mustang"

2nd Grade Program!

For the 2nd Grade program every year they sing a whole bunch of songs as a whole grade and then each class does a dance! It was so cute! I just wish I could get Porter to sing this well at church!

This is Porter and his teacher! We love her! Every year with her class she does a Men in Black dance! It is so cute to see this whole class of 2nd Graders dancing and bobbing their heads! They all had on black or dark shirts and sun glasses. The best part is at the end they flash the lights and she holds up a silver thing to "erase" all our memories! You gotta love it!

4th Grade County Report!

In the 4th Grade my kids get to do a report on a County in Utah. Connor chose Weber. This is a big deal and counts for a good portion of their grade. They have to do a report, an oral report, maps, and some kind of art project. For his art project Connor chose to do a diorama of Snow Basin! He didn't have to tell me much for me to know he had a very clear picture in his mind of how this was supposed to look! When he told me he wanted to use clay I kind of wanted to cry! We had alot going on this week and not enough time to do it all in. But I knew in the end it would be alot easier to go get the clay and turn it over to Connor then it would be to try and talk him out of it!
Not that you can tell from the pained look on his face (when I told him to smile he told me he was!) He had a ton of fun doing this part of the project! I wish he had been able to do the whole thing this way! It would have been so much easier on my part!

You can't tell in the picture, but there are grooves in the snow for snow boarding. Making sure there were trees on the snow covered mountains was very important to Connor! Oh, and in case you were wondering the blue ones are blue spruce! Very good job Connor, I am so proud of you!

Ty's Ponds!

The other day Connor had a friend over to play. She and Connor get along quite well and actually are very good for each other. My next door neighbor had come to the door and on his way over he saw the two of them "playing" in the back yard. He tells me that the two of them are digging holes in the back yard. It had only been about 10 minutes since I had been outside, I didn't think it could be that bad. I was wrong! I got out there and find they have dug 2 fairly good size holes and have filled them with water. When I asked what is going on they tell me they where making PONDS for Ty (our dog). I am now thinking that I can either have a total fit in front of Connor's friend or I could see this for what it was - two kids trying to make a doggy happy! And if you could have seen my dog! He was so very happy! And boy, can these two kids make their faces look innocent!

So I decide I will just come outside and keep an eye on them. I set up my chair in direct line of sight of them and get my Ensign. Apparently I paid a little too much attention to my reading because the next thing I know I look up and both of them had one shoe and sock off and were putting their feet into the muddy holes! It looked like they had a brown sock on! So I ran in the house and got the camera! By the time I got the camera Connor had rinsed his foot off so you can't really tell but his was just as bad as hers! I was just sure I was going to get a phone call because I sent a daughter home such a mess! Thanks for being so understanding Cheney's!

Maybe I didn't get mad enough. I guess we'll see. If he does something like this again I'll know I didn't! But I had a very vivid memory of a time when I was a kid and my sisters and I starting out making mud pies and ending up COVERED in mud from head to toe! Of course we were all in white shirts! It had started out innocently enough - I promise! But at a time when my mom totally could have lost it instead she got out the camera and took a picture of us! A wonderful lesson that I have never forgotten. I hope that is the lesson that Connor took away from this! By the way mom, thanks for not killing me and teaching me that sometimes you just need to laugh! Love you!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Maycie is on the move!

When Maycie woke up from her nap today Emma went in to talk to her until I could get in to get her. She came running back to get me telling me that Maycie was up to some very exciting things in her bed!
Emma: Mom, Maycie rolled over in her bed and she lifted her head up and she rolled over again and she put the blanket on herself!
I think that is what she said anyway! She was talking so fast I'm not quite sure! I know she ended with:
Mom, you have got to come see this!
So, I got up and went in to the bedroom and found Maycie at the foot of her crib! With Emma right on my heels saying, "See, I told you!"
I know that Maycie can roll and is getting better at it every day. What I don't know is how she gets herself all over the place. She can get herself all over the living room too. The thing is she NEVER does it when I am in the room! She is able to some how twist and maneuver herself in way she can get herself wherever she wants to be! Do you think she will always be this sneaky?!
Emma was so proud that she had found her! She loves being the big sister! Will she still love it when Maycie is following her everywhere she goes wanting to hang out with her and her friends?

Saturday, May 16, 2009

The Most Beautiful Flower Bed Ever!

Okay, I know this looks like a pretty bare flower bed to you, but to me it looks like alot of hard work by my wonderful family! When we moved into our house a year ago you couldn't tell in this part of the yard what was grass, flower bed and weeds. That was because it was all mostly weeds! Over the course of the summer we could tell at one point this had been flower bed. I decided that I would like for it to be again one day! So for my Mother's Day present Jeron bought me some flowers and put the kids to work.

So, I know to you this may look like a very bare and some what pathetic flower bed to me it is THE MOST BEAUTIFUL FLOWER BED EVER! Thank you to my cute little family for all their hard work to make this my dream flower bed, yard, home! I love you all.

Anyone Been' Lately?

I know this is kind of silly, but I had never been toilet papered before! My and Jeron's bedroom is in the front of the house, we have been sleeping with our bedroom window open and we still didn't hear anything! I guess we really are sound sleepers! With Jeron's calling being the 1st Counselor in the Young Men there is a good possibility it was the Teachers. But you never know! So if anyone would like to confess...

I guess this is what happens when you have great big trees in the front yard! They either didn't have a whole lot of toilet paper or Jeron's snoring scared them away 'cause they didn't get much done! But they did enough! Emma thought it was quite funny and Porter wants retaliation! So if Porter finds out you better watch out!

Helmet # 2 - Week 1!

Week #1 of the new helmet is behind us, and I think she has already worn this helmet more then she ever wore the other one! The new helmet is going really well! We had a one week check with Fit Well (that is the place that made the helmet) to see how it was fitting and it went great! You can already see and feel a difference in the back of her head. I took pictures of the front of her head before we got the new helmet but didn't think about taking one of the back! I know, can you believe me?! Anyway, with this much improvement in just one week there is a really good chance she could be almost done with the helmet by the time we go back to the Plastic Surgeon in June!

We had talked about putting these cute vinyl flowers on the other helmet and just never got them on. I am so glad we didn't. They are so cute! I would have hated having to do it again! I take that back, I would have hated having to make my cute sister Megan do it again! I am so lucky to have so many people taking such good care of me!

She really is doing well with all of this. The pad really seems to be making the difference that we needed. It gets a little red, but it goes away within a few minutes. I am so glad this is all working. She is doing well at therapy too. We may even be able to cut back to just once a month! Thanks again for every one's support! We couldn't do it without you!

Friday, May 8, 2009

Helmet # 2!

We were able to go pick up the new helmet today! They did a rush on it and got it done in 1 week instead of 2 so that she didn't have to go without it for any longer then absolutely necessary.
We decided on a pink strap this time. I thought the white would be better. The whole go with anything. But it just got dirty! Besides, she is a girl! PINK does go with anything! :)

The biggest difference in the two helmets (besides this one seems ALOT bigger to me!) is the padding they put in the back. We are hoping that it will keep the pressure she needs to have on it without the irritation of the hard plastic because it still has some give!

Thank you so much for all your love and support! I really think that being able to share all of this with all of you has made this all so much easier for me! I love reading everyones comments! It gives me the laughs when I need them it gives me the strength when I need that. A big huge THANK YOU to everyone!

Connor The Blogger!

Yesterday we, as a family were all over the place! Dad and Jaxon had mutual. My sister, Abby has been teaching a little dance class for Lehi Community and so mom and the girls went with Grammy to support her. That left Connor and Porter to be home alone. I am just not ready for that quite yet, so they went over to hang out with Papa K! Porter had some homework to finish on the computer so Papa had it out for them. He then went down stairs to work on his computer. Porter came down after awhile and after he had been sitting there a minute my dad asks Porter what Connor is up to. Porter answers: Oh, he is making a blog! So Papa goes up to investigate! Connor's class has a class blog and he figured while the computer was out he would go look at the class blog. And hey, why stop there! A blog of his own would be so cool! Apparently we need to go over the rules of the computer again with Connor! Today I asked him what he was going to blog about and he said I just wanted a blog mom!

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Heros!

Yesterday a bee got in the house. The kids came and told me and tried to show me but we couldn't find it. About 15 min. later we found it. It was climbing up the kitchen window over my sink. I didn't feel comfortable trying to swat it. I was afraid I would just make it mad. So my brave boys decided to take over for me! (Aren't I a good mom!) I wish I had the whole thing on video! It was sooo... funny! Connor and Porter had the fly swatters but Jaxon couldn't be left out. Emma either, although mom kept trying to get her out of the kitchen. They were willing to make a much bigger mess to kill the bee then I was, luckily nothing broke. I don't think I have heard any of my boys scream that high in years! To be honest, I didn't think they could hit that high of a pitch! I had no idea that bee hunting could be so exciting!

Stretching or Sleeping

The other day I put Maycie down in the living room to play while I was loading the dishwasher. I went in to check on her and this is what I saw. I really wasn't sure if she had fallen asleep this way or not!
As I walked around I could tell that she wasn't asleep, just almost! She was so tired she didn't even take the time to get herself all the way to her belly to relax. She just sat there and laid her head on the floor!

I really wanted to get a picture of her with her head on the floor, but every time I took the picture she would lift her head and smile at me! I guess we have another camera ham on our hands!

At least she has the hold for 30 seconds part down!

Spring is here!

Last summer we had so much fun being outside we have all been excitedly waiting for the weather to turn in our favor once again! The few days that we had earlier in the year just made it all the worse. But I think we are finally to the point in Spring that even Maycie can be outside with us, and it is hard to tell who is more excited...Maycie or the other kids! She isn't in any of these pictures, but you can trust me. She LOVES to be outside!
I think Jaxon is looking more and more like a teenager every day, and acting like one too! I am still trying to figure out where all the time went!

I think I have a few posers on my hands! They were all outside playing and came up with this pose and would not quit bugging Jeron and I until we got the camera and came and took a picture! Do you think I need to be worried about how camera shy they all are?!