Monday, June 20, 2011

Puppet Shows and Big Brothers

Disclaimer: I need you all to remember I am doing these blog entries from memory and how naughty we all know that is! So please forgive me if I do not remember exact dates because I don't! =)

Emma came to me one day with a problem. She was putting on a puppet show for her stuffed animals and baby dolls. Only Pooh Bear was much too tired to watch the puppet show. He wanted to watch so very badly but just could not get himself to set up!

Well, we just couldn't have poor Pooh Bear miss the puppet show so I went into the living room to see what I could do to help.
I found that Emma had neatly lined everyone up so that they would all have a wonderful view of her show. I had no idea she had been doing this and I had to stop short at the sight. It was just too cute for words!

She tried stacking books for her stage. But they just wouldn't hold up. They kept falling over on her.

Big Brother Connor to the rescue! He very graciously volunteered to be the stage. He turned out to be just right! The things this young man would do for his sisters!

We finally figured out a way to keep poor Pooh Bear upright so he could enjoy the show with all of his friends. You might notice she also made every one a seat from books as well! It so nice to know she is putting all the books we have to good use!

She had a wonderful time putting on the puppet show and did a few different versions!

Even took a bow or two...

or more!

It was so much fun watching her do this. I love getting to watch Emma use that wonderful imagination of hers!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Fathers Day 2011

I'm not sure what time it was this morning that I woke up. It took me a minute to realize what had woke me. As I lay there a moment to get my brain working I heard Maycie talking to her daddy. I heard her explaining that she could not get back to her snugly (a blanket that she sleeps with) and her bed. She was not calm about it, in fact she was quite upset. I don't know that anyone else would have been able to understand her, but daddy did. Daddy understood her perfectly.
I almost jumped up to help her. After all it was Fathers Day. Then I stopped. Jeron's side of the bed is closest to the door but most of the time Maycie will still come around to my side of the bed. There was something in Jeron's voice that I could tell it was one of those mornings he was more then happy to get up with her and help her back to bed. Yes, it was Fathers Day. But I know that Jeron loves being a dad more then anything. And I knew he knows things like this are what it means to be a dad! He chooses his work schedule to go in early in the morning so he can be home in the evening for practices, games and family time. He has started getting up at 5am to exercise and read his scriptures so he doesn't take away from family time to do those things. He sacrifices so much for us, and it is what he lives for!
I am grateful for him and the wonderful father he is for our children. The example he sets for all of us! I am grateful for the good example he had growing up in his own father. And that good example that Grandpa Tom still sets for us today. I am grateful for the example of my own father. That he taught me in a way so that I knew what to look for in an eternal companion. Someone just like my dad. A man who respected and upheld his priesthood. A man who loved his family more then himself and would work crazy long hours to support his family if that is what it takes. A man who would love my family as his own and expect me to do the same with his. A man who would teach his children to put the Lord first in all they do.
I am grateful for all of the fathers and father figures in bot Jeron and my life, who have taught us and helped us become better children of God. Thank You, more then words can say! We love you!

Called To Repentance

"A diary is almost worthless unless written daily. We Cannot journalize correctly from memory."

Joseph F. Smith

We got "Life Lessons From Fathers of Faith" for both my dad and Jeron's dad for Fathers Day. I should have gotten a copy for Jeron too! (So I still had a copy!) I was thumbing through it last night reading a few of the stories. It is fun because it is the kind of book you can do that with! As I did so I was called to repentance! I have not been doing so hot (as you all know!) with my blog. I have many many entries running around my head that I am now going to have to do from memory. And as was so eloquently stated by President Joseph F. Smith that just doesn't cut it! I am, however, going to take the approach that it is better then not doing it at all! And from this point forward (I know you have heard all this before) I am going to do better! =)

So I will be adding "blogging" to my list of things to do each day. Maybe then I will actually make the time to sit down and journalize correctly! So hold on tight you are about to have blog over load from The Collins Clan!