Monday, September 28, 2009

Maycie's First Birthday!

With all of the others we have always been able to do some kind of party on their birthday. With football games and the Relief Society Broadcast a party just wasn't going to work on Saturday. So I decided we should do something just our little family! I had no idea it would be so hard! So finally at 8:30 that night we had a little family birthday party for our 1 year old! It was wonderful and she was a hoot!

I totally stole my sister-in-law, Becky's idea and we made a #1 with cupcakes! We didn't get them frosted but Maycie didn't seem to care!

We didn't even make it through the song before she was getting a cupcake off the tray!

That might have been a mistake because she didn't want to open her present!

She even cleaned up her own mess!

We finally did get her to open her present! And she is really enjoying it!
By #5 there wasn't a whole lot we "needed" for her. We really weren't sure what to get her. At our last visit to therapy I asked our therapist what she would recommend and she gave me a few ideas. So we got her something that was more then just really cute it will help her with her therapy too! :) I really should have taken a picture of what it was not just the box sorry!
It's called a Little Garden Bench. It will give her the up down help she needs and already seems to be helping her. It won't be long before I am chasing her all over the neighborhood with all the others!

You Can't Win Them All

The first loss is always hard. We were starting to think (well, at least I was) that we could really take this all the way undefeated. They still played a good game. My mom reminded me that MY job as a mom is to make sure that Jaxon knows HE did a good job. He did too! There were some mistakes made. Some little and some pretty big ones! But none of them by Jaxon. I made sure he knew I didn't care if they win or lose. All I care about is him and that he does his best and feels good about the game he played.
We did have another injury and he will be out for the rest of the season. Broken leg right above the ankle that now has two pins in it. My cousin did something to his knee at his game and had to ride to Primary Children's in an ambulance. WHAT AM I THINKING LETTING MY SONS PLAY THIS GAME?
Jaxon handled the loss really well. He didn't get down on himself. He was able to believe Jeron and I when we told him he had done a good job and let it go. I was very proud of how he handled the whole thing.

Porter's Touch Down!

Okay, this one was for real! The team they played on Saturday had some pretty fast boys on it. One that nobody on our team could touch (not even Porter). We were trying a passing game and it wasn't going very well. They kept getting intercepted. But this play was THE most beautiful play of the whole game! And I am not just saying that because I am Porter's mom! The snap was a shot gun (another thing we have had a problem with) and our quarterback totally recovered looked around saw Porter in the end zone threw the ball and it was like there was a tube between the two of them! The first completed pass for our team and a touch down all in one! It was truly beautiful. I was totally horse afterward. He had some really good runs and flag pulls (I guess that is what I should call them!) too. I really think overall it was his best game!
I have been so proud of Porter! He is really doing well with all of this! It doesn't matter what position they put him in he takes to without too much problem at all! I would really love to talk him into flag football for another year, but I don't think that is going to happen! And how do I stop him when he is so good at it?

Maycie's First Year!

Hope you enjoy some of the pictures of Maycie's first year!

Friday, September 25, 2009

One Year Ago......

One year ago today Jeron and I were running errands and doing the last minute things to get ready for the newest member of our family to arrive! I have never had that kind of time. I have been induced with all five of my kids and they usually get you in first thing in the morning unless they have too many come in through the night. I have been able to be with the same doctor for all 5 of my kids and he was actually the one to deliver all of them too! He prefers Wednesdays and all 3 of the boys were born on a Wednesday. Because Jeron was still in training at Fidelity when Emma was born Wednesday wasn't very good for us so he did it on Friday. When I went in for my appointment on September 17 with Maycie I was hoping he would be able to find a way to just keep me! Of course it was more then a week before my due date and so there had to be a medical reason to do so. We did a stress test (I didn't feel like she was moving enough) and they checked some other things too. I think we were all looking for a reason to keep me. My doctor was leaving the next day for an out of town conference and wouldn't be back for a week. But there was just not a medical reason to keep me. The fact that it was my Grandma's birthday just didn't count!

Can I just tell you that it pays to stay with a doctor for 5 kids! When we knew there was no way to keep me he sits me down and tells me that he will set up the inducement for next Thursday (Sep. 25). I was surprised because I know he doesn't do inducements on Thursdays but I wasn't going to argue! He told me he would set it up for the afternoon to make sure he was back in time. So Jeron and I spent the morning doing all the things I am doing the day before by myself! Normally the night before an inducement for me is like Christmas Eve! Butterflies in the tummy and everything! But it is also like Christmas Eve in that when I wake up it's here! With not going in until the afternoon it was like Christmas Eve that stretched all the way until like 3:30 the next day! I got to the hospital and we got things going. They got me on my IV and got the pit going. Then I asked when Dr. Later would come in to break my water. It was then that I found out that he was still on an air plane on his way home! When he set things up for me (did I tell you that he was the one to make the call and everything!) he didn't tell me when he was flying in. I just assumed that he was flying in earlier in the day and did the afternoon to give himself some time to rest and everything! Oh no, he came right from the airport to break my water and everything, but didn't get there until like 6:30. Then he went home to rest and they kept him updated.

With my past labors we were all expecting a baby by 9pm. There were so many things that were different this time. Things just didn't progress. Normally I have a really good break in my water not long after they get my going on the pit so we thought maybe that was it and that after he broke my water it would help. Nope, no such luck! I kept getting all light headed and I had to be on oxygen. I've never had to do that before! I've also never had to go through a shift change before either. My second nurse gave me a Popsicle and that totally helped me! I had no idea I could have a Popsicle! The sugar was just what I needed! But then we realized every time I sat up too far the baby's heart rate would drop. Every time they would check me I felt like we were going no where and doing nothing. I kept telling the nurses, "this is not how things go for me. This is not how my labor's go." And I got back, "every labor is different dear." Well, after 4 other labors being almost identical I wanted to scream I know what I am talking about! But they are the medical professionals so I didn't! At 10pm we started getting phone calls from family "What is going on?" I think they all thought that we just forgot to call them because there was no way our baby girl wasn't here! But she wasn't. My one sister told me later she was afraid to go to bed because she was just sure something had to be wrong! It seemed everyone but the nurses thought it was odd for this to be so different! I felt like we were just hanging out at the hospital, it was so weird! There was a couple of times they said they thought her head was turned and that might be part of the problem, it wasn't letting her drop. Finally at midnight Dr. Later came back to the hospital and checked me. I was still only at an 8 at that point (I had never been in actual labor that long before!) He told me he was going to come back in half an hour and we were going to have a baby. Looking back on that now what he was telling me was that either I was ready to deliver a baby or he was going to have to take her C-Section. Luckily I have the most calm doctor ever and I totally didn't get it then! He came back and I still wasn't quite there yet but being the good doctor that he was he found a way to make it happen! I have to hand it to everyone else in the delivery room. They were all very calm through the whole thing. I don't have to push too long. Luckily that was pretty normal! I am pushing away and then the doctor tells me to hold it for just a minute. And then we finish up and there is my baby girl and she is beautiful! Black and blue but beautiful! I didn't find out the reason I had to stop pushing was because the cord was around her neck until quite a bit later. Jeron didn't even show it as far as I could tell at the time. On top of the cord she aspirated some and so I had to wait longer to feed her then I wanted to. It says so much about what a good doctor I have that everything she went through coming into this world and they didn't even have to take her away from me! I have talked to so many people that have had a similar stories and the baby was fine but had to be rushed away to make sure. I know we had our own little miracle that night! We joke that the boys had been born on Wednesday, Emma had been born on a Friday so Maycie decided to wait and be born on a Friday like her big sis!

We did have our own little dilemma while we were getting ready for the actual delivery. We started a tradition when Connor was born, that until now had not been hard to keep, to have some family time before anyone else sees the baby. Well, this time it was the middle of the night and the big kids had school the next day! We have such good family! The kids at that point were at my in-laws house and they were willing to do what ever we asked them to. We had planed for the kids to spend the time I was in the hospital with my mom and dad because they live really close and my mom could get the kids to and from school without a problem. She too, was willing to do what ever we asked of her. She has been at the hospital with me through every labor and sits outside the door to hear the first cry. She told me that as long as she could hear the first cry and know everything was okay she was just fine! We finally decided to go ahead and have my in-laws bring the kids to the hospital. I deliver at Alta View and they live just off of 90th and 2nd East so the kids were close. At the time I felt kind of guilty about it. What kind of mom has her kids trooping around at 1:00 in the morning?! But after I was so glad that I did! My mom was going to let the kids sleep late the next morning and just take them to school late. But they wouldn't hear of it! They were on time for school the next morning but I'm pretty sure they didn't learn much! All they could talk about was their new baby sister! I don't think they would have ever forgiven me if we had waited for them to see her until the next morning! Even if they knew no one else had seen her either. Especially the boys because they were very aware of the tradition and how it worked!

As I have looked back over the last year I wonder where the time has gone. I said that to my dad the other day and he said to me, "It went into a helmet." And that is true. I guess I should have known from the beginning nothing was going to be normal with our little Maycie Jayne! For the first time ever we went to the hospital with the name down to 3 choices instead of having been calling the baby by a name for the last few months. Her labor and delivery were defiantly different. And now I can look back on the pictures from the day she was born and see some of the problems in her forehead that led to the helmet. I am sure that her head was turned and that is why she went into the position after so easily and quickly.

As I think about my baby's first birthday tomorrow it is a bitter sweet sorrow. I know someone has to be the end. Every train has to have a caboose, and Maycie is ours! I know we are done and that in and of its self is a good feeling!

Official birthday post with pictures of Maycie from the last year will come! Thanks for letting me reminisce!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Am I Ready For This?

Last night Jeron and I went to our first Jr. High Parent Teacher Conference! I'm not sure when I got old enough to have a 7th Grader. I was so worried about this change for him. He has always loved school even when he has had a hard time with it. Every year I was just sure that would be the year but it never came! I was just sure that there was no way we would make it through Jr. High! But I guess when you have 6 A's and 1 B+ you can still like school! It doesn't hurt when all the popular kids seem to be your friends and the girls are making up nick names for you so they can talk about you because they like you. He has the cool kid nod down to an art already. I have to say that I am so glad that all is going well for him so far. I'm just not sure if I'm ready for all of this stuff yet. The last 13 years have gone way too fast. He is a good kid who does his best to make the right choices. When he was faced with a conflict between football and a choir for the Priesthood Session of Conference he made it a matter of prayer and found a way to make it work. I hope he always keeps the Lord in on his decisions.
I am so grateful and feel truly blessed to have such a wonderful young man as a son. We told him last night he has set the bar way too high! He has to do well because now we know he can do it! Keep up the good work Jaxon!

The First Principal's Pride!

Yesterday was the first Principal's Pride Award for the year (last year it was the Star Student Award). This is the first time that any of my kids have ever gotten it the first time! When Connor brought home his paper last Friday I was so excited for him! It is kind of what saved his life when he tried to ruin the vacuum!
We got a new principal this year. He is wonderful! I thought about doing a video clip of Connor getting his award but didn't. I really should have! It was so cute. Mr. V. (he has a really hard to pronounce name so the kids all call him Mr. V.) was great with all the kids and really took the time to talk with them while he was giving them the award.
The teachers turn the kids in and say what they get the award for. Connor's:
"Connor had one of the highest scores on our first Social Studies Test! Way to go Connor!"
So Mr. V. asks Connor if he might want to be an explorer when he grows up and is talking with him when...........

Connor decides he is done and trys to just take the award away from his principal! And awesome Mr. V. just holds on to it until he was done and ready to give it to Connor! The whole room was rolling! I could have just kicked myself for not doing the video clip!

Connor and Mr. V. No hard feelings!

Connor with his award!
You set the bar pretty high this year bud.
Now you have to do this good all year! We love you!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

One Hard Fought Game!

I am still trying to figure out how to get my son in the pictures I take at his football games! I totally think I have it and then look at the picture and he is nowhere to be found! So no pictures!

This was a hard game before we ever go to the field, and didn't get any easier. This was the week Jeron had been dreading since the beginning. It was the week we played Jordan. We played Jordan at Hunter so I think that might have been better. At least there was no turf problems! Jeron had been warned before the game started that the ref's had been calling EVERYTHING and then some! So at least we had been warned, but that didn't really help us! There were some really hard calls and we as spectators were not always taking it well. The ref gave us a warning about it and the coaches questioned it, some a little more enthusiastically then others (Jeron did a really good job controlling himself. I was very proud!) and they gave us a penalty! Jeron figured we had between 80 and 100 yards in penalties. They were for everything under the sun, from off sides to block in the back. Most of them really silly the boys are 12 for heavens sake! Like I said, who we were playing was only the beginning of how hard this game was! Our boys played their hearts out did a very good job holding them. Jaxon did awesome in defense! Just when it would look like we were going to score they would call some kind of penalty and there went that TD! Right at the end of the game (I mean like the last minute!) we completed a pass half way down the field. Next play we completed a pass in the end zone! Touch Down, finally! (I still expected them to call it back for some reason!) We didn't get the extra point. Kick off, game over! I am not kidding!
When I asked Jaxon how he felt like he did he told me he felt really good about how he did on defense but not so good on offense. I was surprised and so was Jeron. He was like Jaxon you did a great job on both! In fact he did so good that he played the WHOLE game! I am not kidding! My mom asked me if that was because dad was a coach, and I can honestly say it had nothing to do with it! In fact Jeorn would be the first one to pull him for ANY reason! Just to make sure no one could say that! I really think he gets better every week!
Final score: WJ Jags 6 Jordan Beatdiggers 0! Third win first shutout! For a C team made up of 19 boys (only 4 boys had played tackle before) I think we are doing pretty well! Keep up the good work Jags!

Porter's Game

Flag football was rough this week. We were playing a team that I am sure has played before and probably together. Most of our boys haven't played before this year. They are doing really well, but we just couldn't get it together this week. They had one kid who was in the middle of almost every play. I think Porter was trying to show off and tried a little too hard! Grandma Sue and Grandpa Tom came to last week's game but got there right after his TD they took away (I'm not bitter, I promise!) and it was the one game Dad couldn't be to any of. This week he had both sets of grandparents there and dad was helping on the sidelines. That is alot of pressure for an 8 year old to perform! He really did well, mostly just really hard on himself! There was one play that ended halfway down the field where they had started from with Porter still at the start of the play! I yelled at him, "What are you still doing down here?!" He looks up with tears in his eyes, "I got hit in the jaw!" Boy did I feel bad! Keep it up Porter! You can't have a perfect game every game!

Monday, September 14, 2009

Go Jags! Win #2!

Jaxon played @ Woods Cross this week. It was a divide and conquer week! Dad & Jaxon (Connor went too!) left for Woods Cross while Mom and Porter (the girls came with Mom!) got to stay a little closer to home! Jaxon's game got started just late enough that we were able to leave Porter's game and head straight up to Jaxon's and make it about half time! By the time I got there Jaxon had 3 tackles and was doing awesome! After practice on Friday I wasn't sure how things were going to go! All of the boys were having a hard day on Friday and so when I found out that on top of Jaxon doing so well we were winning I was very excited!By the time I got there they had Jaxon playing Nose Guard (a position he had only played a couple of plays) and was totally taking down a kid that was at least 6'1" and almost as broad as Jeron! I think he has found his aggression!

He is #84, the one turned to the side so you can't see his number! When he is on the line and gets down into his 3 point stance I can find him by his bouncing leg! It goes at break neck speed!

Flag Football Rip Off!

Porter had another Flag Football game on Saturday. It was the only game that Jeron couldn't be to any of the game because Jaxon's game was in Woods Cross at the same time. Right toward the beginning of the game Porter took a hand off and ran all the way down for his first TD! I happened to get this picture right at the beginning and then didn't get any more because I was too busy screaming for him to run!

After he ran it all the way down and had the touch down some people from the other team started yelling that he shouldn't have been carrying the ball because he had red shorts on. You know I can see the logic in that, but our team had not been told about this rule. But they still took the TD away from Porter! The ref's came up to our coach and told him that the TD wouldn't count and Porter couldn't run the ball anymore this game. I was fine with him not running the ball anymore that game, but to take away his TD! You don't take it away! You either make sure all the coaches know the rule or you make sure you let them know at the BEGINNING of the game! You don't say "Oh, sorry that didn't count because we didn't do our job and let you know about this rule!"
I told Porter it didn't matter because he would have had the TD no matter what! He really is going to be good at this game!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009


I love my wonderful husband! I had gotten the camera out and had been messing around with it "just to be sure". Jeron picked it up and apparently has the magic touch! It was like there had never been anything wrong! My eyes nearly popped out of my head! He had messed around with it before this, so when I asked him what he had done he just shrugged his shoulders. So I don't know for how much longer, but for now I have my camera back! :) Thank you honey!


This is my cousin Matt. He just returned from a mission to Hungry and we are sooo... glad to have him home safe and sound! The first thing I asked him is if he had gotten taller, he swears he didn't change at all. He didn't grow, loose any weight or gain any weight! I guess when your cousin is 13 years younger then you are and taller then you by over a foot after two years they just seem to get taller! Jaxon doesn't seem so big standing next to Matt! I am so grateful for the wonderful example he has set for my kids. We love you Matt!
Oh, and just in case you were wondering before his mission he played back-up goalie for the BYU La cross team. So if you think you remember a goalie that was really tall you were not mistaken! That was my cousin! Now you know why Connor wants to play La cross. And what big shoes he has to fill!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009


Some girls in our ward decided that if their mom and dad could do a triathlon then they could too! So the put together a course in our neighborhood talked to a family that has a pool and there you have it! The first annual Kid Triathlon! Put on by kids for kids! They even did flyer's and everything!

Getting ready for the race hangin' out on the bikes!

Connor's bike was out of commission so he rode Jaxon's! Those long legs could ride just about anything!

Emma wanted to go and watch. Maycie was asleep so I sent the camera with Jaxon and asked him to keep an eye on her! That turned out to be a mistake because she did not come home this dry!
Enough talk! Let's get this show on the road!

Porter showing off his muscles! The flames on his swim suit will make him go faster, right?!

It's hard to tell if the water part of the race was really a race or just fun times!

This was NOT Connor's favorite part of the race! One day we will get him back to being the fish he once was! For some reason the "deep end" really messes with his head. But favorite or not he still did it! I am proud of you Connor!

I think they all had a ton of fun! I really hope this is something they make an effort to do every year!

Family Reunion 2009!

When I was a little girl my grandparents (my mom's parents) decided they didn't want to wait until the family was so big we didn't know each other before they started having a family reunion so they started then. We have been doing these reunions for as long as I can remember. The dates have changed, what we do changes every year! Each one of the siblings take a year and is in charge of things. What we do doesn't really matter we just enjoy what ever time we get to spend with each other!This year we were at my Aunt Penny's house. We ate and talked and froze! It was on the 8th of August when we were having those cold weekends! So it wasn't really THAT cold, just cold for August!
Amanda (we all call her Sissy!) and Addison!

Emma and Addison giving good bye high five!

Emma and Shae waiting for their question from the family quiz!

Maycie trying out grandpa's marshmallow gun!

And let the marshmallow war begin!

Connor thought he could get ME! Ha! He will pay!

Kami's job at the family reunion - sleep and be cute!
She did it very well!

Aunt Stephie and Maycie having a chat!
Thank You again Grandma and Grandpa "Snowmobile" for starting such a wonderful tradition! We all love you very much!

Saturdays = Football!

Saturday was a very exciting day for our little household! Porter had a break from Flag Football this week because of the holiday weekend. It was kind of nice because we knew there was no conflict with Jaxon's first game. It was a 9am game which means we had to be there at 8! It was a small taste of what we have to come weather wise for football and I was very happy we had bought a "Sports Brella" (thanks again Sissy!). It kept the weather out quite nicely. Our boys did a wonderful job! It was like all the teaching moments began to click and they made a touch down in the first 3 plays! They won 27 to 7! GO JAGS!
We took the opportunity of being done with football so early in the day to relax! We ran some errands in the afternoon that took longer then we planed and we weren't home when the BYU football game started. OOPS! When we got home Jeron went right down stairs to the huge TV that came with our house (it was the boys favorite part and all they wanted to show people when we first moved in!) to watch the game. I was in the kitchen working on dinner and could hear most everything Jeron was saying to the boys. As I listened I realized I was hearing something that I had dreaded my whole married life and at the same time made my heart burst with pride! He was taking the opportunity of watching a college game to show Jaxon some of the things he has been trying to teach at practice. All 3 of the boys were listening intently and doing their best to learn the finer points of football. Jeron has watched football games with the boys before. I am sure he has even tried to teach them about it before! But there was something about listening to it this time. I realized that I have truly lost my boys to this sport that their daddy loves so much. Connor still isn't interested in playing football. He wants to do La cross instead. That is just fine with dad because I think he would love to learn more about this sport himself! But he was even listening and doing his best to learn what his dad was trying to teach.
We were all very excited to get to watch a game that was such a good one! I have to say it was a wonderful "teaching" game! At the very end I was in the kitchen making Strawberry Freezer Jam and didn't get to see it. I could tell it was very exciting and had to keep yelling at them to tell me what was going on! They were all so into the game that they kept forgetting to tell me! I have to say you can't ever count out our Cougars! A good lesson for us all. If you give it your very best and never ever give up anything is possible! GO COUGARS!

Thursday, September 3, 2009


Okay, so in the last 3 weeks we have had so much going on I don't think I have hardly sat down, little lone actually look at the computer! When I did have time I couldn't find the cable to get the pictures off my camera to blog about! Those blog entries will come so this is just a brief overview of the things I don't have pictures for!
I felt like I was finally getting football under control when I started watching a couple of kids from my ward. Made for a crazy Thursday but no big deal! And then "THE WEEK" happened!

The Monday before school started I started watching another baby from our ward. She is about 6 months younger then Maycie. They will be in the same grade of school and her mom and I have decided that they are going to be the best of friends and so this is going to work out great! (I have her on Mondays and Thursdays)
Tuesday was Jaxon's first day of 7th grade! Can you believe it? No, because I have no pictures to prove it! That is because that morning we turned on the camera and it wouldn't move past the start-up screen! After Jeron spent $60 on a new battery and charger this last spring because I insisted that we didn't need a new camera because "all we needed was a new battery and a charger and that is so much cheaper then a new camera" and now... I know, I know! But anyway! He really did start 7th grade and I wanted to cry all the way home! They have the 7th grade come a day before the rest of the school so they can find all their classes and kind of figure things out without having to do it with the rest of the school! It was pretty cool! Then after all that they also did a "Back to School Afternoon" instead of Back to School Night.
The same Tuesday was Emma's first day back to dance, again I promise it really did happen! She looked so cute! It was fun to watch them! She gets to do it with Skippy again (I don't know what we are going to do when we have to move on to a new teacher!) and her little friend Kylie is in her class too! Tuesday's are going to be a little crazy because we have dance in the morning and then Preschool in the afternoon! We like to keep things moving around here!
Wednesday Connor and Porter started school. I am pretty sure that this is not the first year I don't have pictures for, but for some reason I feel more guilty about it! I guess I will get over it! They have jumped right back in and are loving being back in school. Emma was sad to see them go. The hardest part about starting on a Wednesday was that she didn't have anything to distract her!
I was really worried about Thursday because the first two weeks I had the other kids my boys had been home to help me! But things went really pretty smoothly. We start the day off at 7:15 when baby girl comes. The hardest part of that is then Connor and Porter have a hard time getting ready for school because they want to play with the babies. Right after she got there we realized Maycie had poop. We didn't get very far into the change before we realized that we were going to need to run a bath! Then Jaxon got out the door about 7:30 (thank goodness for Carpool!) and then Connor and Porter at 8:00 (after the constant "are you ready yet?" for 45 minutes!). And then about 9:30 my other two come. A little boy the same age as Emma and a little girl that is about 2! They are both so cute! He is in Emma's preschool class so after lunch we put little girl and baby girl in the double jogger and Maycie in the front pack a preschooler on each side and we head off! I have to look crazy! But if we do it right little girl is fast asleep when we get back, and will even stay asleep for at least an hour! Then Maycie goes down and baby girl gets her lunch and goes down too! I don't know what I would do without good neighbors! When it was time to go get preschool I called my next door neighbor and she came to my house and sat with sleeping babies! Before I could get there though another wonderful neighbor knew how crazy it was going to be for me and had the preschoolers for me! And then she says to me, "why don't you just plan on me bringing them to you on Thursdays!" And I have had others offer since! I really have wonderful neighbors! Jaxon had a scrimmage game and so when all the little ones had been picked up the kids and I headed off to meet up with dad and Jaxon for football! When I got to the field there was like no parking left and I thought I was going to have to hike about forever and then I spotted an awesome parking spot! The boys got out and took Emma and the other things I needed them to while I got Maycie in the stroller. As I was walking away I hear someone holler at me. I turn around to see a VERY upset lady yelling at me to move my car! When I asked her why she just told me to move it. Then I turned around the stroller too and we started back with me asking again, why do I need to move my car? Do you know what she said to me? It was in front of her house! What? Now for those of you who are my neighbors you know what we have had going on in our neighborhood. I know it is truly annoying to have all this traffic, even if I don't have to deal with the worst of it! But on the other side of the coin I was NOT blocking her driveway I was just parked in front of her house. There was no red curbing and there was no fire hydrant. I wasn't doing anything wrong and VERY contrary to normal I said "I am not moving my car. If I get a ticket then I will deal with it." She then says, "Well, I will call West Jordan then!" I still didn't move my car! I couldn't believe it! That is so out of character for me! Of course when I calmed down enough to talk (it took everything I had not to march out on the field to tell Jeron what I had done!) I went to a dad on our team who is a County Sheriff and told him what had happened to make sure I didn't need to move my car! He said I was fine and I calmed down a little! But then right at the end of the game a cop does show up! She really did call the city! I couldn't believe it! He pulled in to the circle where I was parked, right up behind my van! This dad gets up and starts "walking around" to check stuff out for me! When he came back to report what was going on it came out that I had parked in the circle nose in first. His eyes got really big and tells me that I actually could get a ticket for that. Always right side to curb! CRAP! Then he looked around some more and tells me that there were at least 6 people in the circle parked worse then me! I thought, well if I do get a ticket Jeron will gladly pay it just because I stood up for myself! When the cop realized the game was almost over and things were going to clear out he just left. The best part was when I got back to the van the ladies next door neighbor was outside and asks me if something happened at the game because he saw the cop. I very humbly told him that it was my fault. I shouldn't have parked there because there was no room to park right side to curb (and if she had told me this I would have moved!) I told him that his neighbor didn't like me parking in front of her house and so she called the cops on me. He looked at me and told me not to worry about it because they usually have a HUGE trailer parked right where I was and that she was probably mad because I had taken her parking space! I am glad I stuck up for myself and didn't back down when I felt I was right. I will never forget the right side to curb rule again (it came flooding back from drivers ed the moment he said it!). And I have to say I will NEVER park in front of THAT ladies house again! Moral: be willing to stand up for yourself when you feel you are right, humble enough to admit your mistakes, and NEVER, EVER forget your drivers ed training!
Friday wasn't actually all that eventful, I just couldn't get anything done! Last year the middle school had early out day on Wednesday. I was kind of looking forward to that. But the district couldn't leave well enough alone! They decided to implement a district wide late start Friday. Are you kidding me? So we have Jaxon starting school at like 9:50 in the morning and Connor and Porter getting out at 1:15. Talk about chopping up my day! It really through me and I couldn't get anything done between naps and the weird school schedule! But don't you worry things picked up as soon as kids got home from school! I had a certain amount that had to be done so the fact I hadn't made good use of my time while the kids were at school was really bad. Jeron had scout stuff going on and so I had to be home ready to turn the van over by 5:00. I really needed to be home by 4:45 because I was taking my friends little girl for her and she needed to drop her off then. I didn't pay enough attention to the time and missed getting home by about 10 minutes. Unfortunately I forgot to tell Connor that she would be coming and so instead of saying she is going to be right home he just told her I wasn't here and shut the door! I got home and was beside myself! (That means I did alot of yelling!) Jaxon decided to escape the freak out and suck up to me by fixing the problem and going to pick up my friends daughter! Needless to say, all of the kids went to bed fairly well for me that night!
Jeron was up and out the door by 7:30 for the scout thing again due to arrive home just in time to go with Jaxon for team pictures Saturday afternoon. We had the day all planed and even though it was hectic and crazy it would work. Porter had a flag football game at noon and Jaxon had team pictures at 12:40. I would take everyone but Jaxon to Porter's game leaving Jaxon to be ready for dad as soon as he got home. About 11 Maycie thought she would see what she could do to throw a monkey wrench in things and threw up all over me! I called over to my mom's house and my brother answered the phone and made the mistake of asking how I was doing! It all just came pouring out! Before I could say anything about needing help he asks what time he needs to be there! I have THE MOST AWESOME FAMILY! I got Maycie's bath done and down for a nap and actually got to take a shower myself! Right after Maycie threw up one of the boys looked at me and says, "mom you need to take a shower!" Really? Never would have known without you boys! In a way Maycie calmed my day down! She slept for FOUR hours! I felt bad about not being to Porter's game but he was pretty excited about Uncle Tay getting to be there! They even got to ride in his "Cool new car!" That is a direct quote from Emma! She wants Uncle Tay to take her everywhere now!
Sunday was pretty normal. Maycie was feeling much better! She didn't throw up again. Church was fairly uneventful! Uneventful church is good church! Later that afternoon we got to go back to our old ward. Some friends were blessing a baby. She was only a couple of weeks old but her parents were still here from Rhode Island and they wanted them to be able to be there. The really fun part was they got a new bishop and so we got to be there for that too! All of them wonderful men! I was really touched with how humbled the new bishop obviously was by this new calling. The spirit was defiantly there to testify to all that these men were truly called of God.

I think the Lord is trying to tell me to slow down or something because even though my story of 'THE WEEK" should be over I can't stop there! This last Tuesday Emma woke up about 4 in the morning with a temperature of 104! She climbed into bed with us and you might as well have put an oven in the bed with us! I got her right in thinking this had to be a bladder infection. Our doctor was out of town, but I trust every doctor in that office! But there is just something about seeing your doctor, you know! Anyway later that morning she did start a funny cough. And all of the cultures came back negative for a bladder infection (I still think there is something up there too, but...) all we can come up with is that she has some kind of virus. We are on day three and we are down to a whole 102 (yesterday it was 103!) and if she is still running a fever tomorrow we get to go back! I had to call both the families that I baby sit for and tell them they didn't want their children to come to my home today. She still has that funny cough. What is so funny about it is that she only has it when the fever is high. As long as she is on something she has no cough! And I promise, all I am giving her is Tylenol and Motrin! I asked the doctors office about that and they were like, yea that is weird! So if anyone has heard of anything like this let me know!

Anyway, there are the highlights! Like I said, I do have other things I want to blog about that I do have pictures for! I have gone through withdrawal not looking at all of your blogs! I had alot to catch up on! I'm glad you are all good parents and take pictures of your kids! :) I hope to get this figured out and continue to do it all! I'm sure I will! We always do, right!