Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Maycie Update!

Okay, it is time for another update on our baby girl! At our last physical therapy appointment our P.T. (physical therapist) decided that Maycie had hit a plateau with her neck so we had to start using what is called a collar. Our P.T. had mentioned this to me a few weeks before but hadn't mentioned it at our last couple of appointments. I was really hoping that we weren't going to have to do it. As any normal mom I do not like things around my babies necks! But I think I have been down right freaky about things around Maycie's neck. I think it is because of the cord across her neck during her delivery. So having to do the collar really sent me for a loop! I am doing much better with it now. She is actually doing really well with it, and she only has to where it a couple of times of day for about a half hour. So...this too shall pass!At the same therapy appointment that we got the collar I had our P.T. look at the back of her head because we still hadn't been able to put the helmet on her. She recommended we have our pediatrician look at it. So the next day we went up to the pediatricians office. She really didn't like the look of it and wanted us to go have a C.T. scan done of her head. So now my 7 month old baby has had an X-ray done of her neck and X-ray done of her head and now a C.T. scan! And you know what, she has not cried or even had a hard time with any of them! We were at the Plastic Surgeons office today and the C.T. scan was normal! What that means is no surgery! :) But her head shape is not working with the helmet that we already have so we have to have a new one made. I didn't want to be a bad person, because of course we will do what ever it takes to help our baby! But I was concerned over what the insurance company would say. But they are going to take care of everything! So this Friday we start all over again with a new mold of her head. So we were supposed to be half way done with the helmet now and are really just getting started. But again, this too shall pass! This is getting to be our new family motto! Thank you all for your prayers and support! We defiantly feel them and know they help!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Dancer is Born!

The last couple of months have been so much fun! I have absolutely loved getting to watch Emma enjoy this so much! Today was their last class until the fall so all the mom's got to come in and watch the girls today. Emma was very distracted with all the extra people in the room, but it was still fun to watch! We were so lucky to have Skippy (my sister Megan) as her teacher, and will again next year. The only problem with that was Emma called her Skippy and the other girls would tell her she was wrong, "she is Miss Megan!"

Heal out hands on hips! So much to remember!

What is REALLY important!

A couple of week ago we were at Grandma Sue's and Connor got out the Lincoln Logs and started building. When he was done he asked if I would take a picture so of course I did! They had been talking about how Connor had put a garage on his house. Silly me thought it big building was the house and the little one was the garage. Connor, dad and Grandpa Tom all quickly informed me that the little building was the house and the BIG building was the garage! I guess we know how things are going to go when Connor builds a house of his own!

Maycie has found her voice!

I think these videos speak for themselves! Maycie will yell at anything you give her for almost any length of time!

My mom and dad are remodeling their living room and kitchen and Jeron and the kids where helping while I went to a baby shower. Jeron was able to entertain her by giving her an empty water bottle in her car seat. She sat there yelling at it for over an hour while daddy and the boys were able to get their work done! Oh to be able to go back to the days when all you needed was en empty water bottle!

Friday, April 17, 2009

April Showers Bring ... Worms?

Our next door neighbors have been getting their garden ready and the other day their oldest daughter came to my door with THE BIGGEST WORM I HAVE EVER SEEN! I honestly didn't know that worms could get this big! She couldn't stop laughing at me when I told her I had to get a picture. But my boys weren't home and never would have believed me if I hadn't taken the picture. When they got home and I showed them the picture they wanted to go out and find it again!

4th Grade = Recorders!

Connor has had the joy this year of learning to play the recorder this year. The recorder concert is always a fun one! The kids look forward to it for like forever! They play their recorders and sing some songs and we all have a good time!

I always have fun going to this program because it brings back memories of my recorder days at Westland! I was able to get a video done for this program but I don't know what I did and now I can't get it to download. One of these days I will get this figured out!

Julius Caesar

Every year each of the 6th Grade classes at Westland do a Shakespeare play. Jaxon's class did Julius Caesar this year! For weeks he has been asking for white sheets, swords, bright colored belts, fake trees. I think he was going to provide costumes for everyone in his class single handed! It was so much fun watching these 6th graders do Shakespeare! What a wonderful learning experience for them. I think Jaxon will defiantly have a better understanding of Shakespeare then his mom! They all sheets wrapped around them as togas. They made pillars out of upside down five gallon buckets and carpet rolls! How cool are these kids! Their teacher, Mr. Sagers said they came up with all the ideas for the sets and everything! They painted, learned lines and worked really hard to get this all together. The mom messed up and didn't have the camera ready to get his big speech, but trust me he did a wonderful job! We are very proud of you Jaxon!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Westland Elementary Does Broadway!

Jaxon and Porter decided to participate in the Spring Choir at school. This meant being at the school at 7:30 am two days a week. And they didn't miss a day! And it was all them! They were so good. Not once did I have to remind or push them. They remembered and got themselves out the door on time every choir day for three months even the days that were different because of short weeks and such! And they both did a wonderful job!

We decided not to put the picture up of Porter picking his nose! But it was a nice reminder to him that someone is always watching!
Jaxon was very careful to make sure and stand very "cool" the whole program!

Star Student!

Jaxon is a defiantly my star student! Kindergarten thru 6th grade he has gotten this award. It has been called a few different things but all comes down to the kids doing good things! I am so proud of you and the many things you are so good at. You have improved in everything you have ever put your mind to. I do not know what I would do without you! I know you will go on to do good things in Jr. High too!

Helmet Update!

I need to warn you that the pictures in this post are kind of yucky! I don't know if everyone has problems like we have with the helmets, but this has not been an easy road. One of her problems areas is a slight bump on the back of her head. You combine that with the fact that she has her daddy's skin and you have problems! The helmet was putting too much pressure on the back of her head and caused an irritation and the irritation grew and grew until it caused infection. So we had to take the helmet off and leave it off until we could get the swelling to go down and the infection to come out. We have started to put it on a couple of hours at a time, but I am afraid we are going to be fighting things like this the whole time we are doing the helmet. We wouldn't say no to any and all prayers for this to go as quickly as possible!

This is how swollen her head got.

The yellow stuff running down the back of her head is the puss! I told you it was yucky!

Alot Can Happen In Two Years!

On Saturday March 28th my cousin Jake Schauerhamer got home from his mission to the Philippines, Quezon City Mission! Jake was more then a cousin to our family. I got to baby sit him quite a bit when he was little. He was more like a nephew then a cousin. My aunt Penny (his mom) was how Jeron and I met! He has always been good with kids and my kids have always loved him. And then when my brother left on his mission he became more like an uncle then a cousin. My brother was the third missionary to leave between Jeron and my siblings and no one had come home yet. Connor was convinced that when people left on missions they never came home again so Taylor leaving was really hard, and Jake stepped right in and became the uncle!When Jake left we didn't know just how much things were going to change while he was gone! Boy do I love e-mail! We got to send him a very fun message that our family was growing! He probably thought it was an April fools joke (because that is something he would do!) if it had been anywhere near April 1st!
I had so much fun watching Jake and Maycie meet! It was love at first sight for both! We are so glad you are home safe Jake!

A Very Special Day!

I am a little late getting this post done, but better late then never, right! On the 29th of March we got to brave the spring storm and headed to Logan for Jeron's sister Ashley, her husband Jeff and their sweet baby Thomas Jeffery for his baby blessing! It was a wonderful meeting! As I have watched Ashley and Jeff with this sweet spirit from our Heavenly Father I couldn't help but think of Ashley as I have watched her grow up! I found a picture of Ashley at the hospital when I had Jaxon and couldn't believe this little girl was a mommy now herself! Jeron and I have been married long enough that I have gotten to watch Ashley go from a little girl (who thought she was VERY grown up) to a very beautiful woman (who IS very grown up!) Thank you Ashley and Jeff for letting us be a part of your very special day!