Sunday, February 8, 2009

4 months already?!

Yes! Maycie is 4 months old already! She is getting so big so fast and cuter by the day! We started rice cereal because well, mom didn't want to keep feeding her every hour from 7pm on! I don't think you can say she has a favorite toy because she loves everything you put in front of her! We are having so much fun with her! Jeron got home from the Klondike yesterday and when she saw her daddy her whole face lite up! It is so fun to watch her recognize us! I love this part of being a mommy!

Science Fair!

Jaxon just had the 6th Grade Science Fair at school. His project was interesting and something I thought everyone might be interested in too! He took three pieces of bread and put a generic hand sanitizer on one, germ-x brand on another and an expensive 2-in-1 foaming stuff that I bought at Costco on the last. He put them in sandwich bags and put them in the bathroom window down stairs and left them. They sat there for about six weeks. Guess what, the germ-x had NO mold on it any where! The generic had one tiny little spot and the expensive 2-in-1 was covered in mold! Emma almost threw away the moldy piece because it was gross! He did a really great job on the project! And if anyone was wondering I will never buy anything but germ-x brand hand sanitizer again!

One down two to go!

ALL 3 of the boys decided they wanted to do Jr. Jazz this year! We have been a little busy running from game to game but Porter had his last game this last Saturday. He had so much fun playing and we found out that he can turn anything into a contact sport! Without even planing it he also got to be on his cousin Zac's team! They are the next Stockton and Malon! They really played well together. It has been really busy, but totally worth it! Some how I think we are going to have some fun family time on the drive way this summer!