Thursday, January 28, 2010

Emma Can Speak Spanish?

Emma came to me and said I am speaking Spanish mom! I thought I would do a little video clip so that I could show it to Jeron when he got home from work. When I finished it I decided it really needed to go on the blog! I hope you enjoy Emma's version of Spanish!

Baptisms For The Dead!

This is a picture of Jaxon at Porter's baptism. He had just turned 12 a month before and the suit we got him was still too big. Now he is 13 and the suit is almost too small!
Right after he turned 12 the Young Men were going to the Temple to do Baptisms for the Dead and he got his recommend in time to go! He was so excited! He was so excited that he had taken his recommend to school in his wallet and then when it came time to leave he couldn't find it. He was very disappointed. And if I was a good mom I would have made sure that we got him to the Temple right after that. Well, I didn't. And the YM Deacons Quorum hasn't been since. And then his recommend expired. I felt VERY guilty! So guilty that I have made it a personal goal to get him to the temple once a month! So he got a new recommend and then we were at the end of January. I really wanted to get him to the temple. Have you ever had a trip to the temple planed and had everything go wrong to the point that you just want to stay home? We had the hardest time getting a baby sitter. Jaxon had a horrible headache right as we needed to get ready to go. I was so tired I think I could have gone to bed at 5pm and slept all night! I didn't get Jeron's white shirt on to wash until really late (thank goodness for a washer and dryer that are amazing)! By the time Jeron got home from work I was ready to say, "It just isn't going to happen!" But then I knew we would all miss a wonderful experience!
And it was wonderful! We got there just in time too. About 20 min. after we got there it got very busy to the point of standing room only! I loved telling people that it was Jaxon's first time! He was so nervous! I told him we were in the temple and that there would always be someone who would help him! It was wonderful! I am so glad we took the time and went. I am glad we got to be there with him for his first time. I hope he has the desire to go back often and make this a part of his life. I will make sure that we get the other kids there much sooner then this, that is for sure! Thank you Jaxon for being such a wonderful young man! I love you!

Best Friends!

I thought it was young for Jaxon to have a best friend at 2! And he did! There was a little boy who lived upstairs from us in the apartment complex we lived in and they were best buds! They have moved away now but we still try and see them once a year and Jaxon and Josh are able to pick up like they see each other almost every day!

Jaxon and Josh at 4 years old!

This is Maycie and Afton!
Her mom and I would joke before they were born that they were going to be best friends! And then I started baby sitting her 2 days a week and I have gotten to watch these girls really become best friends! It is so cute! Maycie will look around at church until she finds her and then they spend the rest of Sacrament Meeting trying to talk to each other! It is so funny!
I teach Primary but get to go to Relief Society every other week. It is the same thing in there only Maycie spends the whole time trying to actually GET to Afton!
At church on Sunday I decided it would be so cute to get a picture of the 2 of them together! That proved to be a little more difficult then I thought! You would think that as a mom of 5 I would get how hard this would be! Silly me, I actually thought that they would just sit there for me! Ha!

Last night Jeron and I wanted to take Jaxon to the temple to do baptisms. We had the most difficult time trying to get a baby sitter! I haven't had to do that in a long time and now I remember why I love Jaxon being able to do it so much! When Megan (Afton's mom) found out she offered to take the girls for me. She has been wanting to have Maycie over so she could get to see them together anyway. When we got there to pick them up she was amazed! She just kept saying over and over, "They are so cute together!"

I hope she always thinks it's cute when Maycie starts teaching her the naughty things!

Because I'm sure she will! I think the hardest part is that they will be the same year in school but in different Primary classes. I love that Maycie is going to have a friend just down the street and I hope that they will always be the best of friends!

Sunday, January 24, 2010

Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning

Disclaimer: My sister-in-law Alicia did a similar post a number of months ago. It is because of that post that this post is happening! I am sure this song would NOT have the same meaning for me otherwise! So for those of you who may read her blog I am not trying to copy her, just be inspired by her!

I truly thought that moving to 11:00 church was going to make it easier to get there on time! We had a whole extra 2 hours and the boys didn't need to be there half an hour early to help set up chairs. We were golden! In fact, I was kind of excited because we haven't had an 11:00 block in YEARS! We are now almost a full month into the New Year and barely slid into a pew "on time" for the first time! I got all flustered because the pew we usually sit on and that Jaxon had put his stuff down on (he was already there and had been since 9:30! Jeron has a meeting every Sunday at 9:30 and this was one Jaxon had to be too.) was occupied by another family on the other end that didn't leave us enough room. I quickly found another bench on the side that I knew would crowd us but didn't see any other options! Jeron was taking care of coats for me and came in a minute after me looking VERY confused! We even had a sister comment about us sitting in the wrong place! We are creatures of habit and sit on the same pew every week! We would be okay on room until Jaxon was done passing the sacrament and so I warned the others they were going to have to scoot over when he came back! I also warned them the my patients were low so to WATCH OUT! And then the opening hymn starts and I look down to see what it is: Welcome, Welcome, Sabbath Morning! I think to myself: are you kidding me?! So I pay very close attention to the words as we sang this morning. I would like to tell you some of my thoughts as we sang this opening hymn.
First line of the hymn:
Welcome, welcome, Sabbath morning; Now we rest from every care.
Already we have a problem. Rest from every care? As the mother of 5 kids trying to get us all to church on time do you think that I really get a rest from every care? I don't think so!
Welcome, welcome is thy dawning, Holy Sabbath, day of prayer.
Loving teacher kindly greet us As we meet in Sunday School,
Where they labor hard to teach us By the Savior's golden rule.
Believe it or not I am actually okay with the rest of the first verse! As a Primary Teacher I like that the hard work ALL teachers go it is acknowledged! I do always try and greet my class kindly, I may not be happy by the end! But I do always try to start out on a good note!
Hark! the Sabbath bells are ringing; Hear the echoes all around.
List! the merry children singing! What a pleasing, joyful sound!
I am not going to even finish the second verse! Merry children singing? My boys are not merry children singing! In fact I had to threaten Connor to open his hymn book today or he would be punished! Even getting through Sacrament meeting is not restful!
I actually really like the third verse:
Here we bow in meek devotion; Here we sing God's holy praise.
Here our hearts, with fond emotion, Seek to learn his holy ways.
From the books of revelation We are taught while yet in youth.
Words of heavenly inspiration Guide us in the path of truth.
And I remember the days when this used to be going to church for me! I know these days will come again, but right now I am lucky if I hear half of ONE talk! I feel so rude some days! Shhhing my children and trying to keep Emma sitting in ANY way that MIGHT be modest so that when she is 12 she already knows how to sit! Not to mention Maycie climbing all over Jeron and I so that she can stay awake because church is now in the middle of her nap!
And then we hit verse four!
Here we meet with friends and neighbors; Parents too are in the throng.
We are earnest in our labours. To God's kingdom we belong.
Trials make our faith grow stronger; Truth is nobler than a crown.
We will brave the tempest longer Tho the world upon us frown.
We have only been in our "new" ward just over 18 months and so feel at home there. The people we meet with are our friends and neighbors in the truest sense of the word! Our Bishop's parents live in our ward and are able to sit with his wonderful wife and 4 small children so she doesn't have to do it all alone. We truly belong to Gods Kingdom! I may not welcome all that the sabbath morning brings but I know I am helping my children learn the things they need to know so that we can be together forever! These trials will make me stronger and I will be a better person-mom-wife for it! Together with these wonderful brothers and sisters in the gospel I will be able to brave the tempest longer no matter what else comes my way!
So bring it on Sabbath Morning!

Thursday, January 21, 2010

Boogie Woogie

Maycie WON'T walk but she can shake her bootie with the best of them! As soon as she hears music she just can't hold still! But of course as soon as she knows anyone outside of our family is watching she gets shy! So that the world can she her talent and know that I am not a liar here is Maycie shankin' her bootie for the world! Hope you enjoy what we call boogie woogie!

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Great Grandparents!

Back in July Jeron's grandparents were here visiting from CA. I knew I didn't have any pictures of them with Maycie and so we took one. Then it hit me that I should probably take one of them with all my kids. The chain reaction of thought was that I should probably do that with ALL of their Great Grandparents! Duh!

With Grandma & Grandpa Wixom!
(Jeron's maternal grandparents!)

With Grandma & Grandpa Perkins
(my maternal grandparents!)
Grandma & Grandpa Perkins are also known as Grandma & Grandpa Snowmobile! This is a name that goes all the way back to when I was young! They have snowmobiles and took us out every year and it is just the kind of name that sticks - you know! Especially when you carry on the tradition with the great grand kids!
With Grandma & Grandpa Harrison
(my paternal grandparents!)
I said before this all started with Jeron's grandparents. What was interesting was that the grandparents that live the closest are the ones it took me the longest to get a picture of. It wasn't because we didn't see them. It was because I couldn't remember my camera (or to take the picture when I did have it with me) to save my life!
I knew when I started taking the pictures that I would do a blog post. It made me think about how important all of these people are in my life and how lucky my children are to have them. And not just have them in their life but to KNOW them. My kids know these people and are influenced by them. They look forward to getting to see them.
The one set of grandparents that are missing from this post so far are Jeron's paternal grandparents. Jeron never got to know his grandfather. He passed away when my father-in-law was just 8 years old. His grandmother was lucky enough to live just 5 months short of her 93rd birthday. My boys all got to know her. Porter was little and doesn't remember much but he does remember her. Jaxon remembers her well.

This is Grandma Collins holding Connor as a baby!

It wouldn't be a post about Great Grandparents if I didn't at least mention that my children also got to know a great great grandmother! My mom's maternal grandmother (Grandma Rose!) was about 3 months short of her 93rd birthday when she passed. Emma was days away from her 2nd birthday and doesn't remember her, but her brothers do!
Maycie only got to know them in Heaven. Thankfully she can be told story after story and not just from mom and dad. But from at least her big brothers too!

Grandma Rose with Connor!

This is one of VERY FEW pictures I have of Grandma Rose! She hated having her picture taken! We must have bribed her with the baby to get this!

I am so thankful for the heritage I am able to give my children through these wonderful people! I am also thankful to have the pictures that I do so I may keep their example alive always and not just for my children but for the generations to come!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Maycie's First Hair Cut!

Maycie's hair is sooo... different from Emma's! Emma hair grows straight back on one side and straight down on the other (she will NEVER be able to wear bangs but the 80's swoop will be no problem)! Maycie will be able to wear bangs just fine if her hair ever gets that long! It seemed that the only place Maycie's hair was growing was at the nape of her neck. But not all the way across, just on the sides! It was either the WORST A-Line ever or a really BAD mullet (is there a good mullet?)! She didn't really have enough hair on top to do a cute pony tail so we were still doing head bands. The problem was the head bands made the back of her hair look funny! It was really starting to bug me. This is one of those times that having a Grammy who cuts hair comes in REALLY handy! So this last week Maycie got her first hair cut!

Okay, so from the front you can't really tell!

And when she won't hold still for a picture you can't really tell either!

Now, if I had been a good mom and taken "before & after" pictures you would be able to tell a difference in this picture! See how behind her ear is nice and blunt! Before it was stringy!

Now it is a cute little bob! The best part is that as it grows it SHOULD stay one length! I know, I live in a dream world, don't I! But at least for now it isn't driving me crazy!

Monday, January 4, 2010

Merry Christmas!

Our Christmas this year was a good one. We were very blessed and I hope that my kids remember so many of the things that made it a good one that couldn't fit under the tree!

Not that there wasn't PLENTY under the tree!

Jeron and his dad had what you might call an unspoken contest every year! His dad would set up road blocks and Jeron would try and get past them! The kids (except Maycie) slept down stairs and let's just say Jeron and I didn't trust them! So Jeron put up his own road block! I have to say it worked pretty well!

Christmas PJ's!
This is the kids 12th Day of Christmas from Grammy (my mom) every year! A wonderful tradition! I guess I should get my act together and make the PJ's I give them next year!
We'll see! I wouldn't hold my breath if I were you!

A Vistit From Santa!

We have one of the sweetest soles in our ward who every year opens her home to every child she knows AND Santa! It is a favorite of every one! We had "the talk" that Santa can't be everywhere and that he has helpers. Unfortunately my boys are all getting a little too big (for me at least!) and started talking about WHO Santa's helper might be! Now, among themselves this is not a problem, but it was on the way home in the van IN FRONT of Emma! I'm sure you all heard the "STOP TALKING" being yelled no matter where you happened to be!

Emma was so cute!

She had been waiting for this ALL day! So much so that earlier in the day she was naughty and was very worried she had blown her chance to see Santa!

Porter thinks he is pretty cool, but are you ever really too cool to sit on Santa's lap?

Connor asked Santa for coal! Yes, that is right, coal! He told Santa he wanted it to sell on the Internet to make money! Connor always has a plan! (The best part is on Christmas morning and his coal was chocolate he was bummed! =) )
Maycie was totally cool with Santa - until Daddy set her on his lap!
But don't worry, she still got excited every time she saw a picture or anything!

Getting a little big, aren't you, Jaxon!
Jaxon actually got in and out of line over and over again! In fact it wasn't until a bunch of older boys from the ward showed up and got in line that he did too!

This wonderful woman in our ward doesn't just have everyone into her home! She makes sure that every child leaves with a pair of gloves! When there weren't any gloves to fit Maycie she went and found her a hat!