Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Connor - 2013

It has been a fun and a stretching time for Connor and his mom and dad this year.  He is definitely a teenager doing his best to figure himself out!  And one of the great things about Connor is that he doesn't ever give up...he is going to figure this out!  And is doing a pretty good job at it too.
One of the things that I have noticed as my kids get older is that they have as many lasts as they do firsts.  This is Connor's last year in middle school.  So that means he can do high school sports.  So it was Connor's first year running Cross Country for West Jordan High.  His first race took him 44 min to run (just so you know, that is not a good time) and his last race took him 22 min.  Can I just say WOW! One proud mom! The beginning of 2013 was the last of Connor's time as a Deacon and so in March it was the first of his time as a Teacher. He went to his first Region Dance.  He got to go to one last Scout Camp with the Deacons and got to go on his first High Adventure Camp with the Teachers and Priests.  His braces first went on in July.  He got to go to Disney Land for the first time.  That was a first that mom was totally bummed to miss!  He is still shorter then his dad but has a longer inseam (sorry, I wasn't sure how to put that into first and last =)  He has learned to play his first musical instrument and is totally loving playing the clarinet. He is enjoying his last year in middle school and is getting excited about his first year in high school.
One of the things about Connor is he has taught me to really think things through.  He will come at things from such a different direction and it will always amaze me at what his brain is capable of.  He helps me remember that there is always a different way to go about things.  So if one doesn't work, try something else!  Never give up!

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