Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jaxon - 20013

As the oldest Jaxon has quickly come to understand that there are many good and bad things that come with this.  With great power comes great responsibility!
Jaxon took his first Chemistry class which completed his last science credit for high school!  It was a huge chunk of his summer, Monday through Thursday 8am to 4pm for the whole month of June and first part of July.  I thought he was crazy but now it is what I will encourage the rest of the kids to do.  He actually enjoyed it.  Right as the class was coming to an end he got his first job interview and then got the phone call to tell him he had gotten his first job!  He works at Macey's Grocery store and he doesn't necessarily love the job, he does love the pay check!  The job isn't that bad, and because of that job he got to go to his first Homecoming dance. He is a preschool teacher for the first time.  At first he was thinking it would be just for this year, now he is thinking that doing it again his Sr. year might not be such a bad idea!  And having Maycie is pretty fun!  He did Cross Country for the first time and really enjoyed it.  It didn't hurt that he has quite a few friends on the team.  He had a bit of a different season then Connor did.  Long drawn out story but he was not able to run in the last few races and so was not able to letter. =(  For the first time he was asked by 2 girls to one dance.  He went with the one that asked him first and then took the other to the Winter Waltz, a new guys choice dance this year.  He went to Disney Land for the first time and got to run a race in California, beating Connor by only a couple of minutes!  We are starting to come to the point of more lasts then first with Jaxon.  He leaned over to me on Mothers Day and said, "I only have one more Mothers Day left with you."  What?!  Thank you so much son, for reminding me that we are getting so very close to you leaving me!  I don't like thinking about the lasts coming, but I do enjoy seeing him so excited to do what the Lord wants him to do.  It will start a whole new set of firsts.  Hard firsts but amazing and wonderful firsts!
Jaxon is not perfect, but I don't think that I could ask for a better son!  When there are things that we need to talk about we can.  When there are things that we don't agree on he does a good job looking at things from our perspective to see where we are coming from.  I could not ask for a better example to his younger brothers and sisters.  I have to remind myself often that the "problems" we have with Jaxon aren't really "problems" at all!  And then turn around and find the balance of still teaching him and not letting him get away with too much! ;)  Teenagers are hard, not because they are hard but making sure they have what they need to get through this life is hard!  I'm thankful that my first go round is taking is easy on me!

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