Thursday, January 9, 2014

Kidney Stones!!!

Jaxon decided that we needed an exciting start to the new year. So on January 7 at 5:30am I get a call on my cell phone.  I have a special ring tone set for the boys so I knew from the ring that it was one of them...which is not a good thing when you know they are all home.  I answered the phone to hear Jaxon on the other end screaming in pain.  I got down to his room and just wasn't sure what to do or how to help him.  I have never seen him in this kind of pain before.  I had a hard time even thinking, it was 5:30 in the morning!  We put a heat pack on his back where the pain was and Jeron gave him a blessing.  He seemed to be doing better so Jeron and I went back up stairs.  About an hour later it was time to get up for scripture study and to get the day going.  He was still in pain but seemed to be doing better.  Until scripture study was over and then it got worse...a lot worse.  We decided that I should take him to Insta Care.  The more he described the pain and other symptoms he was having the more I thought of kidney stones.
I got him to Insta Care and they also thought kidney stones.  The nurse there thought they would want to do test that they weren't able to do there so she recommended that we go to the ER.  So we left Insta Care and headed over to Riverton ER. Things started getting better from there.  They did an X-Ray and a sample.  By the time we were getting test results back his pain was gone.  I mean gone gone, all the way gone!  I couldn't believe it.  I kept thinking, "Were we really up at 5:30 this morning with him screaming?!"
The amazing thing is the pain has not come back.  He went to school after we got home from the hospital and then went to conditioning for Lacrosse that night.  He is really hoping that it NEVER happens again.  At least if it does we'll know what is happening.
It was a very long day!  But to let you know what a great kid my son is, as we were driving to Insta Care Jaxon turns to me and says, "I'm sorry mom.  I know this isn't what you had planed for today."  No it wasn't, but there was nothing else I would rather have been doing.  Worst part: I kept laughing to deal with not being able to help him with the pain.  Best part: A sister who was willing to drive out to Riverton hospital to pick up Maycie and kept her until she had to go to work so that she didn't have to sit at the hospital and a mom who, even though she had surgery less then a month ago, kept her after Meg had to go to work. 

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