Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Maycie - 2013

When you are the baby of the family there are A LOT of things that you get used to being a certain way.  One of which would be getting your own way ALL THE TIME!  Thanks, at least in part, to her older brothers and sister Maycie is quite used to getting her way a lot of the time.  I have to say that I contribute to this as well. It is just easier to bribe her then to listen to the crying, and she knows it!  I'd like to think that this is something that is going to change, but I doubt it!
Turning 5 in 2013 Maycie saw a lot of firsts.  She adjusted to being home with mom alone all day.  She finished her first year of preschool.  She learned to write her name all by herself.  She does write it backwards.  But being left handed explains that, although it took me a minute or two to realize that!  She lost her first tooth, and then a second.  She meet a new friend, who quickly became her BEST friend.  If they went more then 2 days without seeing each other there were major withdrawals! In 2014 she is going to watch that best friend move to Hawaii!  She is VERY sad about that. She started her first year of Jr. Jaguar Preschool at West Jordan High. She even gets to have her big brother Jaxon as a teacher!  She is quick to tell people that she is the baby of the family.  She looks forward to the things that she will get to do in 2014.  Mostly Kindergarten.  Mommy is still undecided about that one.  I am constantly reminded that she is growing up, quickly.  She still has the cute little ways of saying things.  I am NOT looking forward to the day that goes away. Every day I am thankful that she is a part of our family!

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